Deposition in the Clouds

The "New" Way To Take Testimony - Remotely !

No More Travel !

Depositions can now be conducted remotely with a "real" certified court reporter taking down every word, uploading and marking exhibits, etc.. No "voice recognition software" but a certified court reporter . And best of all, this is all being done from the comfort of your office, home, or anywhere !

Your deponent and participants can be located anywhere in the world and all that is needed is a computer with a web cam and a speaker phone.

Certified Transcript Available in Hours !

A certified transcript ready for filing, if necessary, is sent within hours. The file is in PDF format and can be sent to any client, participant, etc. upon demand.

A copy of the complete audio/video of the deposition is stored for future review.

Testimony Taken in "Real Time" !

The testimony is transcribed in "real time" and you can see the testimony on your screen as spoken! The testimony is also searchable by "key word" during and after deposition. You can also annotate the transcript by highlighting , underlining, etc..


CLICK HERE for short video explaining Deposition in the Clouds

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