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Food Service Production

Fall 2019

Office of Food Service

450 E Fulton St.

Columbus, Ohio 43215


Joe Brown, Director of Food Service

Robin Chapman, Assistant Director of Food Service

Edith Murphy, Area Supervisor

Brenda Klein, Area Supervisor

Lynn Maistros, Area Supervisor

Liz Solomon, Area Supervisor

Jodena Beale, Food Service Supervisor

Jeannine Marcum, Dietitian

Chris Weatherholtz, Nutrition/Farm to School Coordinator K-12

In Memory of Les

We would like to dedicate this edition of "The Dish" to Les Hamilton in remembrance of his dedication and hard work at Food Service Production. He will be sorely missed.

Professional Learning Opportunities:

Please note: If you choose to attend a conference that is during school hours, you must fill out the Request to Attend Conference form; okay it through your principal; and your principal must pay for your sub coverage.

Grow Next Gen: Check out some of the programs and virtual field trips available through Grow Next Gen

OSU Extension Project Green Teacher
: Many of our teachers have attended the classes for project green teacher and have only positive things to say about the experience! The next session will take place one night a week from January to March 2020. You can watch for details at or email

Another Successful Great Lakes Apple Crunch!

The Great Lakes Apple Crunch event includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio. It is always our goal to have as many signups as we can from Ohio. This year we came in second place, (barely beating Michigan:), but it's not too late to register! If your school or class participated in the "Crunch" make sure you register here.

This year's Apple Crunch event was hosted by Leawood Elementary. The students read books, created posters and graphs, and came to the event dressed for success! They were ready to share their research about Ohio apples! (See video above). Other CCS schools registered for Ohio, participated, and shared some of their work with us as well! Thank you to all who did participate!

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Thank you Scott's Miracle-Gro Foundation!

We are so grateful for our community partners and this year again, Scott's Miracle-Gro has provided the much-needed supplies to keep our garden initiative growing! Their generosity has provided all of the raised bed soil, plant food, and many other agriculture resources that will give our children the hands-on experiences with in-ground planting and hydroponics that would not be available to many of our children without their support!

The Gardens Continue to Grow at CCS

When we wrapped up our 2018/2019 school year we had grown from 18 school gardens to 44 school gardens. This year we are excited to announce that 19 more schools are waiting to join our "Learn to Grow and Sustain" initiatives. We are so excited to share the experiential learning lab with our children and have them join the movement.

Our teachers are providing so many wonderful learning opportunities around the district, and we want to share a few in each of our newsletters. Here are the items for this edition:

  • Last spring, Georgian Heights teacher leader, Victoria Johnson, started a garden club and was shocked when 150 students joined. This year they started right at the beginning of the school year with 5th graders and what a great time they had! Here they are predicting how many marigold seeds they would find in a bud and then counting and planting.
  • This year Hilltonia Middle School teacher, Roberta Platt, is using gardens to inspire and teach her students about agriculture, environment, and sustainability using her outdoor garden lab to reinforce the scientific method and teach about nutrition.

Special Thanks to OSU Student Volunteers!

The month of September has been incredibly busy with planting and planning new gardens. We always say, and truly believe, "It takes a village"! A new and important part of our garden village now includes OSU students who have created a volunteer group to support the growth of the garden initiatives at CCS. This month they delivered materials to 44 existing garden schools and organized a Day of Service with Columbus State students at Eastgate Elementary. These acts of kindness and positive community impact are exactly the type of leadership we can look forward to with these future doctors, engineers, educators, and other professionals.
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Growing Junior Master Gardeners

  • Devonshire and Parkmoor are participating in a pilot program that will certify their students as Junior Master Gardeners! Teachers, Katie Young and Cheryl Burnett are working with Master Gardeners, Debbie Farynowski and Joe Lansing to implement the Junior Master Gardener program. The students are so excited! We will share more information as the year progresses.

Congratulations to Our Own Northland High School Award Winner, Daniel Wooden!

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Daniel Wooden of The Hardy Center ‘Hope’ Garden received the 2019 Paul B. Redman Youth Leadership Award at the 2019 Growing to Green Awards that were held on Thursday, September 12, 2019 at The Wells Barn at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. We are all so proud of you Daniel!

Want to Join the Movement With Your Own Garden Learning Lab?

Contact Chris Weatherholtz at:

CCS Students Continue to Save the Planet!

Turning Over a New Leaf: Students Lead the Way to a Green Take Over

  • Maize, Ecole Kenwood, Lindbergh and Devonshire will continue to implement the student green team initiative. The students are leading the way to show the students how to recycle and compost using vermicomposting. This initiative will also have content integration learning with classroom visits from Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation, Franklin Park Conservatory and SWACO! We are so excited to work with our partners again this year!

Composting Resources to help you get started at your school

SWACO Resources:

We have developed several new resources for you.

SCHOOL RECYCLING RESOURCES How to Start a Recycling Program,

Composting Videos: Click to Get the List

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Our Students

The DoD (Department of Defense), through the USDA offers schools the ability to use part of their annual entitlement dollars for fresh produce that may not otherwise be an affordable option.

This program allows Columbus City Schools to introduce and provide less common fresh fruits and vegetables to students, such as kiwi, melons, strawberries, blueberries, special salad mixes, and grapes. So far this year, these funds have allowed us to purchase 37,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Lunchroom Toolkit

Imagine children talking quietly among themselves, enjoying their meal in a calm, clean lunchroom, but how do you get that?

The CCS Food Service office created a lunchroom toolkit to influence a positive environment and promote school culture. We have included interactive “Attention Getting Signals” to help monitors gain and keep students’ attention. With various cafeteria promotions including Rainbow Plate, Reduce the Rubbish Challenge, and Nutritious Turn and Talk, we hope to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and nutrition knowledge. Included are student cafeteria helper tasks to involve the kids in creating a clean area and encouraging their peers to do the same. What else can we do? Noise level parameters can help enforce a calm environment to provide the best lunchtime experience.

Want to learn more? Contact us:

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Pizza Bagels

A mini version of your favorite guilty pleasure!


  • Bagel of choice
  • Favorite pizza sauce
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Desired toppings


1. Preheat oven to 350°F

2. Spray or grease a baking sheet

3. Place bagel halves, cut side up, onto the baking sheet

4. Spread a layer of pizza sauce over the bagel halves

5. Top with mozzarella cheese

6. Top with desired toppings or additional spices

7. Bake for 8-10 minutes, then broil for 2-3 minutes or until the cheese has browned