A Christmas carol

You should read the book Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens because their is adventure, drama and conflict. An example, of adeventure is when the ghosts take him to his past and future. An example, of conflict is when Scrooge takes the ghost of Christmas past's extinguisher on the ghost head. Lastly, an example of drama is when the ghost of Christmas future takes Scrooge to his grave and begs the ghost he will change his ways. In conclusion, the Christmas carol book is thrilling, sad and struggles.


Their are things that Scrooge and I have sacrificed. One thing that scrooge sacrificed was giving up his old life as a grumpy man to a person who enjoys Christmas. Another thing he sacrifices is a large donations of your money to charity to help others. Something that I sacrificed was choosing to go to Sunday school for a movie or basketball game, I chose basketball game. Those are things that Scrooge and I have given up