Sunshine Committee

September 16th- September 27th

Friend of the week....Ms. Ayasha!!

Did you know that Ms. Ayasha is currently taking college classes?? She is a hard working mom who works two jobs, is going to school, and still makes time for her family. A fun fact about Ms. Ayasha is that she models (ask her to see some of her pics because she can KILL IT)!! If you have not gotten the chance to interact with Ms. Ayasha, you need to because she is a hoot!! Ayasha doesnt like all people so if you are on her good side, feel special LOL! If she could travel anywhere in the world it would be to Paris because of all the beautiful sights it has to offer!

Please be sure to leave a positive note for Ms. Ayasha in the Employee Getaway! Tell your co-workers how important they are and how much their work is appreciated!

Coming soon we'll be adding some pzazz and sunshine to the Getaway and Employee Restroom! Free hygiene and snacks coming soon. As always please share any ideas you have and if anyone would like to join the committee please let me or Ms. Kelsey know. Toodles!

In the Know

September 19th- National Pirate Day- dress like a Pirate

September 21st- parking lot party at 9:30 AM

Be sure to turn in your tshirt order to Ms. Crystal :)

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