Science in the city- Expo

A fun and educational experience

The expo

Alice and Grace's view of the expo:

First of all, we went to listen to information about the Jenolan caves. We were able to touch fossills and stagalmites from the caves. The fossils and stagalmites felt very heavy for their size.

Next, we walked to a place where a lady was talking about chemicals and dry ice. We learnt that if we touched dry ice, it would burn our skin. After the explanation, we received a glowstick each.

More on the expo

The expo was very crowded so we had to push our way through to the DNA stand. We learnt that every living thing has its own unique DNA. After listening about DNA, we received a packet of 4 coloured pencils which had a picture of Jeans for Genes on it.

Next we walked over to a man who explained how light passes through different objects which creates a different image. After the interesting explanation, we were given a free pen. We both got different coloured pens.

Finally, we made our way to a stand where we had to pass a test relating to the periodic table. We both passed the test with a good result so we received a blue yo-yo each.

Authors- Alice and Grace

Our experience at the expo was exciting and enjoyable. We received many free things and learnt more about science.