Hate Crimes

a crime motivated racially, sexually, or by other prejudice.

Background and History

Hate crimes have been a thing ever sense everyone was born so there's not one place or date in particular when it all started.


The FBI, in 2013, was charged under the Hate Crime Statistics Act which stated that in the year of 2013, there was about 5,928 incidents with about 7,242 victims. According to the data of 2013, Hate Crimes are usually motivated by race, with a 48.5% of reports. Though numbers are high, studies show the decline from 1990's having 7k + incidents to the 2000's having 6K+.

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Recent Hate Crimes

Possible Solutions

Maybe stop caring so much. Like forreal if people cared less about what everyone else is worshipping, thinking that one race is better than the other, and caring about what another person is doing with their love life, there would be a dramatic decrease in hate crimes because fr like why does what someone else believe in have anything to do with whatever you believe in? nothing.