School Lunch Standards

Olivia Klumb

Summary of Article

The article, “New school lunch standards are working. So why does Congress want to knock them down?” was posted on The Washington Post on March 8th 2016 by author Steven Czinn, a pediatric gastroenterologist. The article discusses the new school lunch standards for public school students. The idea is to decrease the amounts of salty, fatty, and sugary foods and increase the amounts of vegetables and fruits consumed by students so that we can ultimately put an end to the constantly increasing rate of childhood obesity. Many congress members feel that these standards are a waste of time. They believe that these changes will force their kids to throw away their meals because they no longer appeal to them. However, Czinn completely disagrees and provides evidence to support himself. He takes a look at multiple studies and statistics that show that not only do the kids like the lunches that they are being served at school, but it has taught them to pick healthier choices at home and other places as well.

Critique of Article

The article, “New school lunch standards are working. So why does Congress want to knock them down?” was written by Steven Czinn. Steven Czinn is a credible author on this subject because he is a pediatric gastroenterologist and is also the chair of the department of pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Because he is a pediatric gastroenterologist, he frequently is subjected to childhood obesity and sees just how much a healthier diet can positively affect an obese child. He addresses the argument by some congress members that believe that these new standards are a waste of time because kids do not want to eat fruits and vegetables so they will end up wasting their lunches. He knows that it will take time to adjust as it does for anything new, but it will benefit the kids in the long run. His article is posted on the Washington Post which has earned its title as a credible news/media source due to its years of producing reliable information. The article is extremely well written and maintains the readers’ attention because the author has done his research and knows what he is talking about. The author does state his opinion here and there, however, every opinion is backed up by factual scientific evidence. The author utilizes statistics from studies and surveys done by places like Yale, Berkeley, the University of Connecticut and the University of Washington School of Public Health.

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