"Freedom For All"

Democratic Abolitionists

Who are We?

We are the Democratic Abolitionists or more commonly known as the D.A. Our mission is to rid this nation of the detrimental business of slavery that has taken hold of our country and now threatens to tear us apart. The practice of slavery should have been abolished the moment our country was founded, yet it wasn't and instead it crept in and as a result millions are being treated as if they are property.

We the D.A. believe that every human being has the right no matter of race, gender, or religion to the same liberties that the constitution permits for white men. The slaves in this country deserve the same basic rights to freedom just as much as a white doctor has.

What do we believe?

  • An end to slavery once and for all in this nation, where everyone has their own liberty.
  • That there is equality for all.
  • no life can be bought for a price.
  • slavery is a grave sin and those who have committed it must repent before God.
  • as well as the right to liberty, every man deserves the right to education

Come hear Sojourner Truth speak! "Ain't I a woman?"

Saturday, Jan. 18th 1851 at 9pm

Akron, OH, United States

Akron, OH

Come and hear the one and only, Sojourner Truth speak at the Women's rights convention on the issues of slavery's rights.

How can you help?

Anyone, anywhere can help! The D.A. is always looking for public speakers, volunteers, and benefactors. If you would like to donate please click on the link below. And if you are unable to benefit but would like to support our cause please spread the word with your neighbors and friends.

Donate now at 555-FREE-SLAVERY

for more information visit us at www.democraticabolitionists.org