Heifer International

By: Collin Wall

What is the organization?

Heifer International is a non-profit orginization which collects donation from various sources to buy cows, chickens, buffalo, and so on for impoverished peoples. The charity takes these animals and then send them to these peoples, giving them reliable, sustainable sources of food and drink for years.

History of the organization

Heifer International was founded in 1944 by Dan west, a farmer from the American Midwest. He had the idea of donating impoverished peoples animals rather than items such as cups or clothes after serving the church during the Spanish civil war. He lived by the "Teach a man to fish" philosophy and this has lead the organization to grow and help millions of people worldwide.

What do they do?

Heifer International collects donations and buys animals with them which they then send to impoverished people in developing nations. These animals are then used as sustainable food sources for generations, rather than a few moths, like contemporary food supplies do.

Cost of donations?

Goat, $120 - Donates 1 goat

Heifer, $500 - Donates 1 heifer

Water Buffalo, $250 - Donates 1 water buffalo

Gift Arc, $5000 - Donates 2 cows, 2 goats, 2 water buffalo, 2 sheep, along with chicks, bees, rabbits, and more!

Other pertinent information.

- Heifer International is always seeking new ways to improve peoples quality of life, though this takes more that donations. It takes man hours, so if you, or someone you know wishes to get involved, you can find more information at http://www.heifer.org/support/index.html

- All donations are sent around the world to various impoverished peoples


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