Cairnholm Island

Welcome to Cairnholm!

Located off the coast of Wales, Cairnholm is a beautiful island surrounded by majestic mountains on one side and opens in a half moon bay on the other side. The island is formed of grassy hills as well as beaches and cliffs.

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The best things to see and do

-Visit the Cairnholm’s history museum that used to be a church but is now a museum with all Cairnholm’s history including the famous Old Man

-Visit the old Children’s House near the cliffs to learn about its history and how it got destroyed by bombs in World War II

-Take a ferry tour around the island and try to spot as many shipwrecks as you can

-Go scuba- diving to actually see the shipwrecks real close

-Go bird watching: the island is swarming with all kinds of birds including very rare ones like Manx Shearwaters

-Spent a day at the striking beaches, swimming or just enjoying the sunshine

-Go fishing or just watch the local fishermen

-Walk across the hills to see the hundreds of sheep bred on the island