Revision - a how to guide!

Use this formula to revise exam content.

Step one: Know your specification

1) Go through your specification and chunk it into manageable bits. Use a highlighter / note down the numbers of the parts that you are going to be revising together.

2) Match the correct page numbers to any books / revision materials that you'll need to cover the content in each chunk, so that when you settle down to revise, you'll know what you need handy! Also, create an exam bank, go through all past papers and write down next to each chunk the number and dates of the papers that contain questions on that content / material, (buttons at the bottom take you to exam paper sites).

3) Create a revision timetable and decide when you will be working through each chunk - never revise for more than one hour without a proper break, it'll have an effect on the amount of content 'taken in' during the session.

Finding a space for revision:

This isn't always easy and I could never revise at home - it was too noisy! So, find a space where you feel that you can focus, perhaps the public library, an empty classroom, (speak to teachers to gain access to these), or in the Discovery centre. Revision groups are great as well, especially when done in classrooms at school, but be warned; if you know you are the type of friends that will sit and chat - DO NOT REVISE TOGETHER! It'll be a pointless waste of time!

Make sure you are comfortable, have plenty of things to drinks and snack on and all your revision tools to hand. If you have to keep getting up, it'll affect the efficiency and success of your process.

Track and review:

Create a revision diary, one A4 page per day.

Make a plan for each topic, which includes when you are going to come back to each specification chunk to test yourself.

Record your revision in your revision diary and plan in your review dates.

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