Chilean Revolution

Cassidy, Mason, Andrew, Guillermo

Why it happened?

Napoleon's invasion and capture of Spain played a large part in the Chilean Revolution. Napoleon but his brother in law at the throne of Spain. They invaded Chile in 1807. Chilean people were being treated harshly by the Spanish royalists. They also wanted equality.

Important Dates

In 1520 Magellan discovered Chile. Twenty years later in 1540 Valdivia invaded and captured Chile. In 1814 Spanish recaptured Chile at the Battle of Racagua. In 1817 O'Higgins joined San Martin and defeated Spanish at the Battle of Chacabuco. In 1818 Chile officially declares independence from Spanish rule.


Who supported? Who disagreed?

The Rebels and the Native Creoles supported the fight for independence. They all wanted the same thing...freedom. They were tired of the Spanish controlling their country and forcing slavery.

The Spanish Empire and viceroyalty of Peru did not support the revolution. They believed things were fine with Chile under their thumb. When the revolution started it mean the end of their power.