A Peek at the Week

February 24, 2019

Word of the Week: Whimper

Don't forget!

As we continue our Words of the Week, please remember to include them where you can in your teaching and point them out in the halls making sure your students are reading the walls. Working toward the common goal of building vocabulary will make a difference!

Upcoming Dates:

February 25th: Dr. Seuss Week: Pajama Day, Open House

February 26th: 4th grade NAEP testing, Funky Sock Day

February 27th: What do you want to be when you grow up?

February 28th: Green Day

March 1st: Hat Day, House Meetings PM

March 6th: K4/K5 Registration for 2019-2020

March 11th: MAP testing begins

March 12th: Junie B. Jones play by The Greenville little Theatre for all grades

Personal Invititations to Open House

In addition to advertising our Open House, we have mailed personal invitations to families of those students who were reading below grade level at the mid-year leveling mark. We have also sent 72 invitations to young men who are in Man up or may be in the years to come and invitations to our ESOL families. These families have been invited to a drop in after they visit your classrooms. Those who were sent reading invites will be in the library and Man up invites will be in the cafeteria.

We are continuing to try to reach out to families in various ways to pull them in to help with their children's education. Please remember to put out the sign-in sheet I shared with you last week. You will keep a copy and send a copy to me. This will give you updated contact information.

Remember to use the time we have with parents tomorrow to your advantage. Make sure you share positives with them first, but talk with parents about any issues you are seeing to make sure you are both on the same page. You may have a lot of parents in your room at once, so one idea is to create a little hand-out highlighting your expectations, the seriousness of the days ahead, homework help ideas, etc., so that you get needed information in the hands of all who visit your room. Also, in reminding your students to come to open house, make sure they take their parents to visit all of their classrooms. We want parents to visit related arts and special ed. classes as well.

You may want to talk with your students ahead of time about showing their parents around your classroom so that they share the responsibility of letting their parents know about their days at school.

Please keep your doors shut and locked until 6:30. If Mr. Binnicker finishes earlier than this time, I will make an announcement to let you know.

I know that tomorrow will be a long day, but it will be worth it in the long run to connect with families.

Graffiti Wall Idea to Display Learning

Big picture