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Happy Spring

Hi everyone. Hope you are enjoying warmer temperatures wherever you might be! Brian and I took the kids on a Disney Cruise for Spring Break. It was nice to soak up some rays but as you can see by my picture I always kept my hat on and apply a teaspoon size of sunscreen to my face every 2 hours of sun exposure. I also reapply Rodan and Fields lip shield with broad spectrum SPF 25 to my lips every hour. I think people have a tendency to forget about protecting their lips which are more sensitive than the skin on our face. Enjoy the outdoors but don't forget about your skin! I've included some interesting articles about aging and exercise in this month's issue as well as a tutorial video on how to use our AMP MD Roller. The Roller is such a popular product and has been proven to increase your results by 50% but you need to use it correctly in order to get the best affect. Referrals are my lifeblood in this business. For every new referral you send me, I will send you a thank you gift!
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Rodan + Fields® REDEFINE AMP MD™ System: Mary Radford, RN, Jumpstarts Your AMP MD™ Journey

Exercising is Good for Your Skin and Can Help Reverse the Hands of Time

Imagine if you could walk, run or swim your way to younger-looking skin. New research shows you can, and all you have to do is commit to a regular workout. It turns out that cardiovascular exercise, known for overall body benefits, also has the ability to improve your skin’s dermal layers to reverse some of the visible signs of aging.

Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, found that cardiovascular exercise causes the body to release a protein, IL-15, that actually stimulates the cells’ mitochondria, or power hubs. These amped-up mitochondria, in turn, boost skin-plumping collagen production and help trigger cell turnover, resulting in a more radiant, youthful complexion. What does all this mean? Your exercise regimen doubles as a beauty treatment.

In their 2015 study published in the journal Aging Cell, the researchers studied a panel of men and women, aged 20 to 84, about half of whom exercised at least three hours per week, while the others were sedentary. Sample skin biopsies revealed that the participants over age 40 who exercised had higher levels of the IL-15 (interleukin) protein, released only during cardio exercise, resulting in younger-looking skin. Similarly, once the sedentary participants aged 65 or older started 30 minutes of cardio twice a week, the aging of their skin also seemed to reverse. After only three months of exercise, the skin of these older adults appeared at least 25 years younger under the microscope.

You can further lessen the signs of aging on your skin by avoiding exposure to UV rays or harsh winter conditions and opting for indoor activities, such as stationary cycling, running on an indoor track or swimming in an indoor pool. Of course, there’s no match for incorporating a daily skincare routine like REDEFINE Regimen, which layers proven peptide technology with cosmetic ingredients for noticeably firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin. And if you do venture outside to get your cardio on, don’t forget the broad spectrum sunscreen.

Decide today to develop these habits early in the year, and see beautiful results tomorrow.

Incentive Winner

This month I gave away 2 incentives. The first winner was Cathy Davidson for responding to my FB post about how R+F product have helped them. The second winner for placing an order of $80 or more is Kathie Lower!! Congrats ladies!

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Perimenopause: Should you expect changes in your skin?

Dr. Kathy Fields: The short answer is—yes. Common physical manifestations of perimenopause and menopause due to a decline in the hormone estrogen include: dry, crepey skin; wrinkles and sagging; slow skin turnover leading to dull skin and large pores; acne; thinning hair; brittle nails with ridging; weight gain and cellulite. Fortunately, growing evidence suggests that early intervention can thwart some of these undesirable effects.

Collagen is an important protein that’s vital for skin elasticity. During the first five years of menopause, an astounding 30 percent of skin collagen is lost. As discussed by Dr. Diane Madfes at the American Academy of Dermatology this past summer, the “timing hypothesis” theorizes that there’s a window of opportunity to stimulate collagen receptors before they are too far gone. Any trusted method of collagen stimulation can be effective, but early intervention is the key to possible skin benefits.

Start today by helping your skin look firmer in small ways. Always wear sunscreen to avoid collagen loss due to UV exposure; choose a good low-sugar, low-carb diet; and exercise regularly.

When you notice those first unavoidable signs of sagging, loss of elasticity or wrinkles, it’s time to take more definitive steps. Try REDEFINE Regimen to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and help create firmer-looking skin with the clinically proven AMP MD™ Micro-Exfoliating Roller and Night Renewing Serum. Using REDEFINE MACRO-Exfoliator™ for Extreme Smoothness and Radiance once a week can also make a difference in sluggish, menopausal skin. If you have ongoing concerns about menopause symptoms, discuss the pros and cons of estrogen supplementation with your doctor.