Unit 2 Summative/Competency

Michael Daugherty

Section 1- Analysis

People migrate for good and bad reasons which can be told as Push and Pull factors.

  • Humans migrate for bad reasons:
  • Push- War and Violence, Terrorism, Weather/natural disasters,and change.
  • These are bad reasons that would push a person to move to a different place.

anything that causes destruction can cause people to move.

The good reasons people move are mostly based on decision- making.

  • Humans migrate for good reasons:
  • Pull- Food, Natural resources, job opportunities, Tourism, and personal Preference.
  • These are good reasons that people move to different areas.

cultural mosaics: why people Create them

Humans create cultural mosaics to interests of what they like. some mosaics could have pictures of the outdoors showing they like going outside, where as another mosaic could have stuff about video games showing that they like video games. Cultural mosaics can create a picture when they are put together.

Human Balance: Cooperation and Conflict in Social Groups

Cooperation in social groups consists of 2 or more social groups getting along and don't fight. The groups that get along have an alliance and don't fight unless something happens and the alliance breaks creating a conflict. Some gangs in the world do get along, but if one gang tries to kill the other gang conflict occurs.

Conflict in social groups mostly occurs with gangs fighting over the territory that they own. These all connect to the Unit 2/ Enduring understanding because it shows that social groups can connect to one another or they can hate each other creating conflict and they fight.

section 2- Application

Humans migrate because of good things and bad things. People would move because of terrible storms destroying their house or like the Syrian Refugees. Humans would migrate to a different place that wouldn't have any issues with storms like tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. People would migrate via, car, air travel or a subway station to move away from an area.

Humans create cultural mosaics to show things they like, such as sports, video games, cars, and other interests. Mostly people create cultural mosaics to show their culture. Mostly Americans don't create cultural mosaics because its not a huge thing in american culture. Mosaics are pretty much art, but shown in a different way in the shape of something like a picture. All people create cultural mosaics without noticing it because a mosaic is a another name for art.

Human balance the forces of cooperation and conflict in different social groups to show that people can get along with different social groups if they have the same interests as one another. This can also show that humans can't get along because the social groups don't have similar interests. Everyone in the world gets along. The U.S. and Russia have issues because of what has happened in the past. Usually social groups don't get along because they stand for different things like how back in the 1900's Russia stood for communism and the U.S. didn't like communism. Power shifting between social groups in the real world can have a negative effect like say a kingdom is ruled by a king, the king dies and the power shifts to next person in line which would be the king's kids. This can have a positive effect in which power is given to someone in a social group because the leader is old and is about to die and he chooses someone to give power.

Section 3- Transfer

My life connects to migration because I used to live in M.A. when I was born. My family decided to move to New Hampshire because all of my dad's family lives in this state. My mom's family lives in Massachusetts.

I create cultural mosaics to show what things I like such as video games , movies, cars, etc. I don't create them a lot, but most of the time they are created in art classes.

In my house my parents have the power to tell me what to do, whether it be chores or going food shopping with my mom, as well as going to throw away trash at the dump with my dad.

When we did the Bullets and Ballots game I was part of the U.S. social group. Some characteristics of the U.S. are we are the most powerful and we could send in the Army at our disposal. When we invaded the country of Guatemala the other groups teamed up to revolt which to me doesn't make sense since we are more powerful than them since we have the Navy, Army, Air Forces, and Military units. How can a small country stand up to the U.S.?

The power- shifting was most groups made treaties to help each other, but the U.S. just watched until the election started were the U.S. invaded and then the people revolted.

Power shifted in conflict when the Guatemalan Gov, Army and Wealthy, Peasants and Workers, and the Guerrillas teamed up to revolt against the U.S. Power shifted with cooperation when groups made treaties to get more MSU's.