Bonnie and Clyde

By: Emily, Sydney, Matt, and Anthony

Who are they?

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow where well known American outlaws, who traveled Central United States with their gang during the Great Depression. They killed at least nine police officers, and killed at least 12 people (known on record) . They where finally caught and killed in louisianna by police officers in 1934.

Crime Bonnie and Clyde Committed

Believed to have committed 12 murders and several robberies and burglaries.

1. Stole a Ford automobile and escaped jail, 1932.

2.Interstate transportation in a stolen vehicle from Texas to Oklahoma, warrent charged.

3.Clyde killed two police officers in Joplin Missouri.

4.Kidnapped a man and a woman in rural Louisiana, and released them near Waldo, Texas.

5.Bonnie and Clyde held up and robbed a man in Shreveport, Louisiana, December 21, 1933

6.Clyde helped four men escape jail, January 16,1934.

7.Shot two guards escaping Eastham State Prison Farm at Waldo, Texas.

8.Shot two patrol men.

9. A constable at Miami, Oklahoma was left mortally wounded by them. They also abducted at police chief and left him wounded. They were later caught after this last act of crime, April 6, 1934.

Clyde Barrow

~Clyde was born on March 24, 1909 in Ellis County Texas

~He was the 5th out his 7 brothers and sisters.

~The first crime he committed was stealing a ford when he was when he was 17.

~During is crime he had several aliases: Roy Bailey, Carl Beaty, J.A. Callahan and a lot more.

~ During his drive around the country him and his wife Bonnie kidnapped a man and a woman and killed 12 people including 9 law enforcement officers from 3 different state.

~ On there crime tour they were shot dead in Birnsville Parish, Louisiana, and there bodies were shown in Dallas. On May 23, 1934. He was buried in Western Heights Cemetery

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker

~Born on October 1st, 1910 in Rowena, Texas

~Died on May 23rd, 1934

~she was the middle of three children

~After her father died in 1914, they moved in the West Dallas area called "Cement City"

~She was known for being kind, and was a Honor Student, and wrote poetry.

~She had a boyfriend in High school, Roy Thornton who went to jail because he was abusive.

~She remained married to him until she died

~she was the middle of three children

~To support herself, she worked at Marco's Cafe

~The viewing of their bodies are held in Dallas, Texas before they were buried separate.

Weapons and Tactics used by Bonnie and Clyde


Clyde: Browning Automatic Rifle-

A twenty-shot magazine loaded with armor-piercing ammunition.

Remington Model 8 Rifle used in ambush by Bonnie and Clyde

Colt Army Pistol used in case someone disarmed him.

Bonnie: .

38 Detective Special Snub-nose Revolver- Clipped to her thigh for quick encounters with people


Stealing then killing almost always occurred with these two.

When people tried to kill/capture them, they would take a random civilian and kill or capture them as hostage.

They killed 2 police men, and did it to escape the ambush and to scare other armed officers away.

Browning Automatic Rifle
Bonnie and Clyde