Ada Elementary

September 2017

Welcome Back!

Wow! Another school year is here. What an exciting time in our community. Some students are just beginning their school journey, and this is a big step in their lives! We enjoy the opportunity to teach the kids of our community and be a part of these important moments.

This year we have no new staff members to announce; however, we do have a few changes in what grades teachers are teaching. Mrs. Kosier (Harmon) has moved from 2nd grade to Kindergarten, and Mrs. Butterfield has moved from 3rd grade to 4th grade.

Additionally, we reorganized the elementary building and many teachers have moved locations. I hope everyone got see the new rooms at Open House.

Another change for this school year is our lunch and recess times. We've changed from 3 lunches to 2, which provides us with several advantages that have made a big impact in our school. So far things have gone well thanks to the tremendous cafeteria and playground monitors that we have in our building!

Important September Dates

  • September 4-5 - No School (Labor Day & fair)
  • September 12 - Star Reading & Early Literacy Assessments
  • September 14 - Star Math Assessments
  • September 16 - Harvest & Herb Festival
  • September 18 - No School (Staff professional development day)
  • September 21 - Board of Education Meeting & Planning (5:30 p.m.)
  • September 26 - 2-hour early release
  • September 27 - Community Pep Rally (8:00 p.m.)
  • September 29 - Homecoming parade and game

Aspiring to Excel in All Areas of the School Experience!

Our school district's vision statement is "Aspiring to excel in all areas of the school experience." Put another way, we want our students to excel in everything that they want to do. We take this to heart at Ada Elementary by focusing on characteristics that our students and community believe define what it means to be a Bulldog.

Last year our students and community identified the characteristics that describe the qualities of a Bulldog. Below those characteristics are listed for you to review. Our school is focusing on developing those characteristics through what we call "Community Time." Community time is held once a week in classes where we discuss different characteristics and how to live them out.

Big image
Each month our guidance counselor, Mrs. Breidenbach, provides resources to teachers that focuses on a characteristic for the month. Our current focus is on Respect. Respect is not listed as a Bulldog characteristic, but it is at the core of our behavior expectations. At Ada Elementary, our 3 R's for Success are to Respect Yourself, Respect Others, and Respect Property. You can see the 3 R's for success listed below.
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Students are encouraged to display positive behavior, and when they do, we do our best to recognize it. Your student may have brought home a Paw Ticket, which teachers and other staff write to recognize the positive behavior of students. Each week in each classroom one paw ticket is randomly selected as the winner of the week, and then they are read aloud during morning announcements. The weekly winners are then placed in a monthly drawing where we randomly select 3 Paw Ticket of the Month winners. Look for the August winners to be announced soon!

Notes from the Office

  • Please turn in all beginning of the year forms to your student's teacher ASAP.
  • Make every effort to pay school fees as soon as your can.
  • For the safety and security of the building, beginning Monday, September 11, parent drop off points for students will be either the foyer or office area. Parents will no longer be permitted to escort students to the classroom.
  • ONU is offering free after school tutoring at the ReStore. For more information, visit the Ada Elementary website.