The King of The Jungle

Growing Up

Lions are interesting creatures. They do many interesting things and lead interesting lives. This article is about some of the interesting things about a lion.

A baby lion is called a cub. Most cubs weigh about one pound and are about one foot long when they are born. A mother lion keeps her cubs to herself for the first few weeks then she introduces them to the pride. A mother carries her cubs she carries them by the scruff on their neck, but they will only carry their cubs if it is completely necessary. Cubs drink their mothers milk until they are one. When they turn one they start to eat meat. Just before they turn a year old cubs start to go hunting with their mothers. When a male cub turns two he will start growing his mane.

Lion and Lioness

The male lion and the female lion are different in many ways. One way they differ is that the male lion weighs 400lb (180kg) and the female lion (also known as the lioness) weighs 290lb (130kg). Another difference is that the male lion provides protection for the pride, but the lioness does all they hunting. The last difference is that the female lion stays with the pride for her whole life, but the male lions get kicked out when they become mature.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts I found out about lions is that a lion runs at a rate of about 50 miles per hour. Another interesting fact about them is that you can hear their roar from 5 miles away. Lion cubs are born with spots but they disappear with age. It takes 4 hours for lions to finish a meal. Lions are the only social cats. My last interesting fact is that lions are excellent swimmers. I hope you enjoyed my report on lions.

Riley C.