Petroleum Engineering

DJ Girardi

What is Petroleum Engineering?

Petroleum Engineers create new methods to drill and extract gas.They also find new and innovative ways to use the petroleum products and over see drilling sites.

Occupational Video - Petroleum Engineer

Average starting salary

The Average starting salary Is $93,500 witch is one of the highest paying engineering fields and jobs right out of collage.

Education needed

A high school career rich in math and science will prepare you well for a collage course in engineering.Most petroleum engineering jobs require at least a bachelors degree in petroleum engineering if not a masters.All states require an engineering license and will need one unless you work under a licensed firm. Petroleum engineers can also obtain a certification from the society of petroleum engineers witch is optional and requires a 16 hour course.

Why i want to be a Petrolem Engineer

I would like to enter the the field of Petroleum Engineering because i would like to innovate new ways to use petroleum.I feel there is better uses for petroleum than to make plastic and run machinery.I also like the fact that it is a good pay out of collage.
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