Teresa of Avila

Biography on Teresa of Avila

  • Born 1515
  • Born in Gotarrendura in the province of Avila
  • She spent most of her life in Avila
  • She trained as a nun
  • Deeply religious
  • Cared of personal appearance
  • Saw religious visions
  • Was very sick for a period of her life
  • She was a writer when she wasn't being a nun
  • Wrote "El Camino de Perfeccion" and "Meditions on Song of Songs" El Castillo Interior"
  • The church was her patron
  • Teresa was a lot more in the past ways then the rest.
  • She was the opposite of securalism and was also the opposite of scientific naturalism too because of how religious she was.
  • Her personality was more in the past era of the middle ages

Teresa's Work

  • She worked on the Medition on Song of Songs.
  • It was created in 1567
  • You could find her work in libraries
  • One of the amazing parts of her works is her amazing devotion to God
  • Her books have a very emotional feel to them
  • In "Meditions on Song of Songs" there is a lot of her showing emotion and how she feels about religion
  • I find this piece interesting because she gives a feeling with her work and its makes it very enjoyable to read

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