Eagleville Elementary-Eagles Nest

Dr. Harmer Principal 10/8/21

Eagleville Elementary Read-a-thon Update

The Eagleville Read-a-Thon is crushing it! We have already surpassed the $6,000 goal so I am definitely wearing a Hot Dog outfit later this month!

Only two weeks in, and the Eagleville Fall 2021 Read--Thon is already a huge success for our students and staff! With over $12,000 in generous donations, you've helped Eagleville Home & School to fund field trips, assemblies, classroom enrichment, and special events like Field Day and Fun Day in the spring. There's still plenty of time to register at https://www.getmovinfundhub.com/register?school_uuid=610807c0cf734

And CONGRATULATIONS to our Eagleville students who have already reached 15,000 MINUTES of reading time! Be sure to continue logging your students' minutes at https://www.getmovinfundhub.com/login to be eligible for awesome incentives, including fun-filled prize baskets on display in the school library!

Art Class-Mrs. Kraus

The first meeting of the 4th grade Environmental club was held this week. We learned about the Great Monarch Butterfly Migration from North America to Mexico. We are sending an Ambassador Butterfly and Symbolic Butterflies that we created during our meeting to share with students in Mexico who are also learning about the Great Migration. This Symbolic Migration Program helps to build communication between students in the United States/Canada and students in Mexico. United by the Monarch butterfly, children across North America learn lessons of conservation, cooperation and ambassadorship. In the Spring, when the Monarchs leave Mexico and return to North America we will receive paper butterflies from students in Mexico.

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In Art class this week 2nd grade students learned the difference between geometric and organic shapes. Students used shape manipulatives to create robots, monsters, animals superheroes or anything they could dream of!

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3rd Grade Practicing Google Classroom

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4th Grade Mrs. Conrad-We have been working hard “planting” our Branches of Government trees. Students worked collaboratively to decide where each leaf belongs, and I can’t wait to see the finished products!

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Congratulations to Preston Farrell in Mrs. Beam’s class for being the first 1st grader to read 100 minutes for the Read-a-Thon!

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P is for Pig in Kindergarten

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Construction Update-A few pictures of the interior of the two new classrooms

Eagleville Child Check / Attendance Reporting: 610-831-5325

Please provide the following information when leaving a message:

o Child's name

o Teacher's name

o Day and date your child will be absent

o Reason for your child's absence

You must call the Attendance line if your child is going to be absent or late and give the reason for the absence.

Volunteering-Approval Process

Volunteers are needed for all of the activities and functions sponsored by Eagleville's Home & School! To get involved, please contact any Executive Board Member or the Committee Chairperson of any activity you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

All volunteers must have obtained their clearances to participate in any capacity.

Please visit https://www.methacton.org/volunteer or see the attached procedures to begin the process.

Co-Presidents: Jodi Kohar & Beth Derewal - Eaglevillepresident@gmail.com Vice President: Tracey Gemzik - EaglevilleVP@gmail.com

Treasurer: Tara Ryan-Schill- Eaglevilletreasurer28@gmail.com

Recording Secretary: Chrissy Sirianni - Eaglevillesecretary@gmail.com

Corresponding Secretary: Noelle Mullen - Eaglevillesecretary@gmail.com
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Eagleville Trunk or Treat-Make sure to preregister!

Student Self-Screening Checklist

Please review the Student Self-Screening Checklist with your student every morning before school. If they have 2 symptoms from the first category OR 1 symptom from the second category please keep them home. Call the Absence line (610) 831- 5325 and report your student absent and symptomatic. Your student should be tested for Covid-19 and results sent to the school nurse. We are requiring a negative test result before your student can return to school. Please call Mrs. Cramer our school nurse for any questions. She can be reached at (610) 489-5000 extension 41206.

Health and Safety Plan

The school district recently adopted an update to the health and safety plan.

Here is the Link for the health and safety plan. Please take the time to read it.

Masks are required inside the building.

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Counselor's Corner

What do you do when someone hurts your feelings? Students are taught how to use “I Messages”. It is a simple formula to say “I feel ______, When you ______, so next time please _______.” It is helpful to practice this phrase with smaller or positive feelings for this strategy to be easier to use when bigger hurt feelings arise. It may also be a fun activity for families to share at dinnertime to express their feelings about the day. For more tips about expressing feelings, contact Lori Shaw, School Counselor at 610-489-5000 X41207 or LShaw@methacton.org