Reason For the Seasons

By: Jaden Thomas

Earth Day and Night

The rotating of Earth every 24 hours with a 23.5 degree tilt

Earth's revolution is the orbiting of the sun with a 365.25 day time period.

Earth's revolution around the sun and the rotation of Earth.

The seasons are opposite of each other in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

The tropics do not change because they are on the equator.

Our Summer month's days are longer and Winter days are shorter.

Summer solstices: June 21st longest day of the year. Winter solstices: December 21st shortest day of the year.

When day and night are equal hours Spring: March 21st Fall: September 21st

12 hours

12 hours

There would be no seasons

Earth Day and Night 2.0

The seasons will be more intense, Summer: Hotter Winter: Colder

The Earth rotating slower is making the seasons longer

I believe there wouldn't be seasons just Summer

When seasons change your shadows change because the sun is focused on the certain part of Earth. So when it is on our part we will have a longer shadow, opposite for fall or Winter

I believe the animals have a sense in climate change or the tilt of Earth on which they are on.

Our seasons would occur at different times; Winter may be in March and Summer may be in September.