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Weekly Update -April 20, 2015


We will start our End of Year Countdown on Monday. There are 24 days left (the last day however is an Early Release Day). It seems a little surreal that there are only 24 day s left. It will go by fast! My End of Year Countdown has been created as a way to keep students focused. If anyone gets a negative DOJO point, we will not pop a balloon for the next day. I hope to keep kids focused as they get more and more excited about summer and being in fifth grade. I will probably say this again, but it has been a great privilege to have your student in the classroom this year. This group has been an incredibly caring class. It shows in everything they do! I know they are going to be so successful as they go forward. It also is a direct reflection on their parents and family. Kudos to you all for raising such wonderful students!


Please remind your students to bring in their headphones everyday. I am having them practice this as we prepare for the MAP test. In the practice test, there are some questions that require you to listen to a passage and answer questions, so I would like them to have the opportunity to do this. Please, DO NOT have students bring in their expensive headphones. If your student does not have headphones/earbuds to bring into school, please let me know.

Week In Review

Another successful and full week!

We continued with Topic 16 in Math, working on angles, lines, measuring, using protractors and learning about polygons.

Research/Writing projects are finished for this Energy Unit. I am working on grading them right now. I hope to have them back after next weekend.

The City of Ember continues to be very interesting and the students do not want me to stop reading. That is the best type of reading!

We we will continue with our Small Reading Group books. Ask your student what reading group they are in. We had to adjust calendars again last week, but we should be coming to a close on all of them this week.
Pink Group: This group will be shorter leveled reading books during the time they meet with me.
Purple Group: Shiloh
Orange Group: Finished up The War with Grandpa
Red Group: The Tiger Rising
Blue Group: Holes

We practiced for the online MAP test this week, we worked on Waves in science. This was an in-book activity and there were some students that will be bringing this home for a re-do. We had our MAP assembly on Friday, and I hope you got to hear about our Shake It Off video that the teachers made for the students. It was a very exciting time!

Weekly Calendar

Monday, April 20th
MAP practice
Stained Glass Window Math Practice Due
Start End of Year Count Down

Tuesday, April 21st
8:00 am Tech Squad Team B
Math Topic 16-8 homework due
Unit 6 Reading Assessment

Wednesday, April 22nd
7:55 am Razzamatazz
10:30 Career Cruising - Counseling
Math Topic 16-9 homework due
MAP practice

Thursday, April 23rd
8:00 Explorations Club
Math Topic 16-10 homework due
Study for Topic 16 Test

Friday, April 24th

Math Topic 16 Test - This will be written test
Spelling Test

Schedule Changes due to MAP testing
April 20-23

Specials: 10:15-11:15
Lunch and Recess will be regular

April 27 & 28th
Specials: 10:15-11:15
Same recess and lunch

May 5th & 6th
Fourth Grade MAP testing
Recess: 1:05-1:25
Lunch: 1:30-1:55

Week 31

Math: We will be finishing up Topic 16 this week, with an assessment on Friday. This assessment will be written, not on the computer. We will not be covering Topic 16-11. We will then start the measurement Topic 14, which I would like to get as far as possible in, before MAP testing to give students an edge.

Units of Study
We will be finishing our Unit 6 this week. We will finish up the read aloud, City of Ember and we will be taking an assessment on the book.
We will finish up our energy, with some hands on wave labs (hopefully)
Finally, we will be starting our Unit 7, which is a poetry and Health unit. I know they students have been talking about "THE" fourth grade movie, which is Our Changing Bodies. Due to the move to the new curriculum, there will be a new movie for the students to watch. This movie will be shown the last week of school, probably Wednesday, and we will be scheduling previews of the movie hopefully this week for parents.

Small Reading groups :
We are a little behind with our small reading group books, but I believe all small groups will be ending this week.
Pink: Short leveled books
Purple: Shiloh
Orange: The War with Grandpa - This group was finished on Friday, so we will be doing short reads during small reading group and working on figurative language.
Red: The Tiger Rising
Blue: Holes

Spelling Week 31

Suffix -ate/ -ive

DOJO Store

As we have done all year, we will have the DOJO store during the last week. I would appreciate any donations to the store. Thanks in advance.

Study Island

We will start working more with Study Island this quarter. This is another reason why I would like to request students have their devices if possible. I will be sending the log on papers home this week. Study Island is a great online tool that helps students learn and review material that they should have learned in their career so far at Castlio. It also helps them prepare for the State Standardized test, by asking questions in a way that will be similar to the test.
The generic log on for Study Island is as follows. For the username use the initial of your first name, followed by your last name, followed by @castlio (example: Tlongmore@castlio)
The password is your student's ID number (lunch number) (123456).
I have assigned a Comm Arts practice to the class if they would like to dabble in this at home. There is a Math practice attached too, but it is referring to Topic 10, so we should probably wait for it.

Log Ins

Big shout out to Austin, for preparing a sheet with all the logons, with examples for the students. He did this on google docs and then shared the document with me. I have in turn shared it with all of your students through their google drive account. Thank you Austin!
username: first initial followed by last name @castlio (example: tlongmore@castlio), if this does not work, I added a 1 after the students name (example: tlongmore1@castlio)
password: school id followed by "ca" (example: 123456ca)

One Drive
password: 4thGrade!
For the password, you must use the capital and lowercase letters and the exclamation point.

Voice Threads
The link has to go to the FHSD subscription, so here is the link
email: the students ID number (123456)
password: francis

You can click on this link and go directly to my site:
Then select your student's name and their password is 1234. In the future, I will get parent codes in the system, but as of right now, I do not have them.

Study Island
For the username use the initial of your first name, followed by your last name, followed by @castlio (example: Tlongmore@castlio)
The password is your student's ID number (lunch number) (123456).

Discovery Education
first initial, last name @castlio (example: tlongmore@castlio)
password: 12345
first initial, last name and last 3 digits of the student (example:
Password: fh123456 (fh followed by the students id or lunch number)
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