Come To South Carolina

The Best Colony In The New World!

Thank You King Charles II

King Charles II granted a charter to eight nobles to establish the colony we now call South Carolina. Thank you King Charles II for giving us this wonderful new colony!


Come to South Carolina! We have a warm climate overall, with mild winters and hot summers, and over here, you won't suffer much from the cold! Because of the nice weather, we have the right conditions to farm, which most of our economy is based off of!


Over in South Carolina, we grow our own food, as well as tobacco, rice, and indigo. We also raise cattle. Working on a plantation to help grow these cash crops or raise cattle are the perfect job opportunities for you if you are currently unemployed! So stop wasting your time over in boring Europe, and hitch a ride over to South Carolina!


Here in South Carolina, we have swampy lowlands which are good for farming, because of the amount of rich soil. Also, there are many harbors which prove to be great for trading.


In South Carolina, all are welcome such as Anglicans, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and many more! South Carolina is often seen as a sign of hope for religious freedom compared to Europe and other colonies in the New World.


In South Carolina, we have developed a self-government alongside our system of laws. Republicanism is growing as well. Our government can fight wars with those pesky Native Americans for you as well. We have a great government in South Carolina!