Tips to IMPROVE Your Memory

Helpful for all students in need of remembering more!

Avoid Cramming

If you set a regular study session schedule you will avoid the stress of having to cram all of your work in at the last minute.


If you focus more on the material you are studying or learning it will be better for you in the long run. Try to tune out all of the distractions surrounding you and focus!

ER-elaborate and rehearse

Go into detail about the information! Say it out loud or in your mind multiple times until it just "clicks" in your brain.


See the concepts you are trying to learn. This will improve your memory and recall. Draw charts or graphs and use highlighters and pens to liven your imagination.

Pay close attention

There is certain information that may be tricky or harder for you to understand. This just means you need to study harder to memorize the more difficult information in order for you to process it.

Switch it up

A way to increase your recall is to vary your study routine. For example if you always study in your bedroom, try going to the kitchen, to switch up the environment.

Last but not least...

SLEEP!! Sleep is crucial for memory and for learning. After you learn new info have a good night's rest to obtain what you have learned.