All About Me

By Jonathan Shepherd

I like to play sports.

My favorite sports are Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball.
I like to play them because they are all really fun and exercising.
Another Reason why I like playing these sports is because it's always been a thing me and my father always did such as playing baseball, hockey, and basketball.

My favorite subject is Social Studies.

One reason why Social Studies is my favorite subject is because I like learning about interesting stuff about the history.
Another reason is because I'm actually interested in it.
My last reason is because I like learning about Geography

I like making videos.

I like making funny videos for all my fans on my YouTube channel. I love doing this because if any of my fans are having a bad day I like to cheer them up.

My best subjects are Social Studies, Math and Science

I like playing video games.

I like playing video games on days where it's rainy. I usually play for a little bit then I do my homework. I prefer Ps3

I love horror movies!

I love horror movies because I love to get a good scare. Horror movies have always been my most favorite type of movie. Favorite Horror movie is Insidious.