Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 5-9-16

Happy Mother's Day

A very happy mother's day to the women of East Noble Middle School. Whether it is your own children or the 115+ students, thank you for all the love and care you put into the world!

NWEA Testing

Our Spring NWEA testing begins this week. Monday and Tuesday will be the first round of language arts testing, Wednesday and Thursday will be math testing, and the following Monday and Tuesday will be the second round of language arts.


Collaboration will be as a whole group in the library briefly. I have a staff survey that we need to complete and then you will have a chance to collaborate with your teams.

Dodgeball Teams

I sent out an email regarding dodgeball teams. Please make sure you start to talk with your kids about the tournament and what their team will be. I have had kids asking me about if we are going to play this year.

Teacher of the Year and Retirement Dinner

If you are interested in attending the retirement dinner on May 23rd at 6:00 please RSVP. This is a great night to honor Jim Swartzlander and our other retiring teachers, as well as our teacher of the year, Cliff Hannon.

Staff Updates

As you noticed last week, Tami Housholder will be transition to a position at central office in the special education department. We posted her position but actually had it filled very quickly. Rob Berkley will be accepting our open mild intervention teacher and split time with the high school.

So this week we will be posting for an emotional disability teacher to fill Rob's position. Congratulations to Rob.


Monday- Deming out pm- IPLI meeting