technology class

the best class out there

I movie

The I movie apps features in technology class we learned how to,

  • Make an I movie to present to the class and explain what we are learning.
  • You are able to make a video and add pictures to your personal video.
  • You can add text to your video and record your self and then you may present to what ever you are presenting too.

I Trailer

In the app I trailers features that we learned in technology are,

  • We learned how to create a trailer to introduce our I movie.
  • We learned how to put our own video and add text to the I trailer.
  • We learned how to put our own pictures and add our own pictures from our camera roll.

Haiku deck

The app Haiku Deck features that we learned are,

  • We learned how to add back rounds and to add texts to the presentation.
  • We learned how we make the presentation with our own pictures and pictures from the app its self.
  • We learned how to make the presentation helpful and put sound effects, transitions, credits, etc.

explain everything

The app Explain Everything features that we learned are,

  • You can draw and write anything you want and present it to your class or business.
  • You can record your work and speak in to the microphone.
  • you can explain almost every with this app and you may even add video, voice, and pictures and more.

go animate

The website Go Animate features that we learned are,

  • We can create cartoon to explain anything or even make a funny animation.
  • We may add pictures and videos to the animation.
  • The Website Go Animate lets you add action and lets the characters speak in Go Animate