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April 6, 2016

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1st graders in Ms. Cabañas' class work on solving a math problem set.

Teaching & Learning

Wednesday PD Schedule:



1:55pm| ELA PLC: Conferring/Progress Monitoring (Launch)

3:00pm| Math Collaboration


1:55pm| ELA PLC: Conferring/Progress Monitoring #1

3:00pm| Math Collaboration


1:55pm| ELA Input PD

3:00pm| Math Unit Backwards Mapping (Whole Group)


1:55pm| ELA PLC: Conferring/Progress Monitoring #2

3:00pm| Math Collaboration

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Reading Culture at AWE is Alive and Well!!!

Expo 2016: Thank you to everyone who has completed there grade level Expo planning sheets. Please make sure to complete these if you have not done so yet.

SBAC Begins!!!: Our upper grade classes will begin this year's SBAC next Monday. Julissa will send out the SBAC testing schedules as an FYI to non testing teachers. We will be in testing mode for the next 5 weeks. This means trips to bathrooms and all hallway activities should be limited even more than they already are. K-2nd teacher: Please think of something nice and encouraging that your students can do to support their older Buddies and Buddy classrooms. I have seen classroom doors decorated with encouraging words and some students wrote good luck cards for their buddies. And remember to bring your sneakers for the SBAC Rally on Friday.

ELD Cancelled: ELD will be canceled for 3-5th grade classrooms during the SBAC testing weeks. K-2nd remains the same.

Progress Monitoring: This is a reminder to continue to progress monitor your students' reading growth. We do not want to wait until the end of May to know where students are in their reading development.

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Ms. LaCour dropping some Expo wisdom on the AWE staff in preparation for Expo 2016.

School Culture

Focal Core Value:


  • We guide and inspire others.
  • We are role models in our families, schools and communities.
  • We strive to create a more just society by standing up for what is right.

Chants: No Assembly

Leader of the Week: No Assembly

Carnival: This Friday the AWE Parent Leaders have planned a Carnival to help raise funds to support next year's field trips. There will be lots of food and tons of AWEsome people. Please come out, if just for a moment, to help support our families in supporting our work.

College and Career Day: Thanks to our amazing SC Team for planning one of the best College and Career Days to date! Teachers, please make sure to follow up on the SC Team's ask, and have your students write thank you cards to give to our College and Career Day presenters. Below are some pictures from that day.

Congratulations!! Goes out to Monique LaCour who got married over the break and to Ms. Hanna Sufrin who is now engaged!!

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