Scotty McCreery

By: Melissa Willhoite

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—Scotty was American idol winner on season 10. his full name is Scott Cooke McCreery. He started playing guitar at the age of 10. He was born on October 9th 1993 (20). He auditioned for American idol when he was 16. His home town was Garner, North Carolina and attended at Garner Magnet High school.

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The Title

—When reading the title before knowing the real meaning I thought it meant girls are difficult.


—When I first looked at the title “The Trouble with Girls” I thought it was about girls who are difficult. When I started to read and really focused on the song it was about a teenage boy trying to figure out girls. Through out the song it explains how girls take his breath away. With the girls being difficult that’s what he likes. He says the good ones are hard to find. But when you find that good girl, You don’t want that night to end or that moment.

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  • "They Smile, That Smile"- Repetition, It emphasizes the smile and how important it is.
  • "tight blue jeans, A summer night down by the lake"- Imagery,you can feel how the weather is and the breeze of the lake.
  • "A summer night down by the lake, an old memory that you can't shake"-Ends in a Rhyme, Helps the song flow and sound good
  • "They steal you with hello"-Hyperbole, when someone says hello you don't really go anywhere.
  • "They kill you with good bye"- Hyperbole, they don't really kill them.


A teenage boy trying to figure out girls


Starts out confused and he starts to know what he likes about them

What the Title means after reading/listening closely

You never know the trouble with girls until you date them


The Trouble with girls, Trying to figure out how they are and what the pros and cons about them are.