Week At A Glance

May 21-27, 2016

Daily check of Week at a Glance

With updates and revisions to end-of-the-year schedules occurring daily, please check back to the Week at a Glance daily to ensure you have the most up-to-date information!
Teacher Dance How to Video
  1. Opening Dance- “hardest” part, but I need at least 10 on stage at the beginning and then maybe 5-8 more teachers at least to volunteer to move from the audience up onto the stage and dance.
  2. Zombie Chase- this is for all of you non-dancers J You chase someone (yes, I need a volunteer) slowly around the stage and you catch them in a circle- VERY simple dance moves of arms down and then up.
  3. Ending- It’s the same as the end part of the opening dance, but easy… I would love to have everyone who participates up on stage if possible. If not, you can be off to the side acting like a zombie until it’s time for us to walk off the stage.

Rehearsals: I will get here every morning by 6:55 and can begin rehearsal for 15 minutes from 7-7:15 (then I have car duty) through the day of the performance. Realistically not everyone will make it every morning, but it’s a good time to review and practice with anyone who can show up! Between now and the performance if you can make it to 3 rehearsals that will be more than enough.

We are going to have 'dress rehearsal' Tuesday and Wednesday, 5/24-25, before and afternoon in the gym. Even if it is your first time, please come join us. We would love to have EVERYONE involved! Even Mr. Schoeff and Mrs. Day are getting in on the action!! :)


May 25th revised lunch schedule

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End of the Year Processes - Missing/Damaged Textbooks

It’s that time of the year when we have to start collecting everything since we are coming to the end

Missing/Damaged Textbooks
  1. Email me the name of the student, title of the textbook and I will prepare an invoice to the parent. I will need this before May 27th.
  2. If you are an IA that I loaned a textbook to use - please return it to me
  3. If you have a student that has an IEP and signed for a Home Set of Textbooks – these must be returned to me directly so I can mark them as returned, do not accept them into your “pile” or I will automatically bill the parent.
  4. If you are keeping your textbooks in your room over the summer, I will need the Title and qty # so I can compile a list so it will be easier when we return to know where everyone stands.

Thanks all for now – I’m sure I will have more as we get close. ~Michele

Student Progress Reports

Student Progress Reports must be emailed to parents prior to leaving for summer vacation, end of day 5/27. You may begin that process at any time. Please let parents know that district averages for Spring 2016 will be sent out via Skylert. [Note: You may want to include the PROGRESS REPORT QUICK REFERENCE sheet for parents. To do this, you will mark the box at the end of the report indicating to print the quick reference sheet.]

Link for Student Progress Report directions; https://intranet.hse.k12.in.us/sites/FCI/Documents%20and%20Forms/NWEA_Student%20Progress%20Report.pdf

Achievement Status & Growth reports uploaded into SFS

For those of you who have NWEA data as part of your evaluation (reading and math teachers, special education), please complete the following if you haven't done so already so we can work to complete as much of the evaluation process as possible before the end of the year:

  1. Log into NWEA.
  2. Click on MAP REPORTS on the left blue bar.
  3. Click on Achievement Status and Growth - PROJECTION OR SUMMARY.
  4. Ensure TERM ROSTERED and TERM TESTED are set to Spring 2015-16.
  5. Select all math and reading classes that you teach.
  6. Ensure SPRING GROWTH COMPARISON PERIOD is set to Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Growth Summary Report.
  7. Ensure 2015 NORMS DATA is selected.
  9. View and ensure all student data for your classes is present.
  10. Create a new artifact in SFS and upload the report. (Titled SPRING NWEA data)
  11. In the NOTES section of the artifact, record the overall Percentage of Students who Met or Exceeded their Projected RIT including in that percentage those students whose projected growth falls within standard error of observed growth (+/-4).

Let Randy or Kim know if you have any questions.


Note that evaluations will be as complete as possible following the end of the school year, prior to Randy and Kim leaving for the summer. Remember that evaluations are not final until the 2015-16 school grade and teacher IGM (Individual Growth Measure) have been released and recorded in SFS. Randy and Kim will email you to let you know when initial evaluations are complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. They will be in and/or around the building until at least June 17th then back again in mid-July.

New Nurse

Please welcome Carol Gump to our Falcon family. She will be joining Jamie 5/25-26 here at FCI. Welcome, Carol!

Kickball Schedule on 5/26

9:05-9:55 - Team 6-1 (both fields)

10-11 - Team 5-5 (field 1)

12-1 - Team 5-4 (field 1) / Team 5-3 (field 2)

1:10-2:10 - Team 5-6 (field 1)

End of the Year All-District Program - Friday, May 27th

From Dr. Beresford:
The end of the year awards program will be at Fishers High School in the gym this year. ALL teachers are expected to attend. Non-certified staff is not required to attend. We will have preferred seating for Retirees, Teachers of the Year, and 30/40 years of service award winners.

HSE Teaching and Learning

A few weeks ago, some of us wrote about rigor and ended the blog with an invitation for you to contribute your thoughts. We heard back from many of you.

This week we chose three perspective on rigor. Two come from elementary teachers and one from a high school teacher. We start with a story of one of our HSE graduates that we believe you will find interesting.

Click here for the link: Rigor: Round 2

Have a great week, HSE!

Your HSE Teaching and Learning Team

Summer PD Opportunites

Summer District Network Outage

To accommodate network growth, HSE Technology will need to perform an upgrade to key components of our infrastructure. As a result, beginning at 1:30pm on Friday, July 15th, all network resources will be unavailable for the remainder of the day. Users will not be able to log into their computers and phone service as well as Internet will be unavailable as well.

Email / Office 365 will still be accessible from outside of the HSE Network.

Our apologies for the inconvenience but we appreciate your patience and understanding.

~District Technology

~ Food for Thought ~

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Thanks for finishing strong!! #FalconPride

What's Happenin' at the Creek!

Monday, May 23rd-
  • iPad return day for grade five
  • 7:00-8:00 pm- Meeting for fifth grade parents regarding sixth grade band and orchestra for next school year

Tuesday, May 24-
  • 7:00-7:15am - Teacher dance practice in gym
  • iPad return day for grade six
  • 8:30 am DARE Graduation in gym
  • 1:30-2:30- Talent Show Dress Rehearsal for 5th graders to attend
  • 2:50-3:05pm - Teacher dance practice in gym

Wednesday, May 25-
  • 7:00-7:15am - Teacher dance practice in gym
  • 8:30-9:30- Talent Show for 6th graders to attend
  • 12:30-2:15- 6th Grade End of Year Celebration on playground/fields
  • 12:45-2:15- 5th Grade End of Year Celebration-bus lot/kickball fields (first event begins at 12:45pm)
  • 2:50-3:05pm - Teacher dance practice in gym

Thursday, May 26-
  • 8:30- All School Video Celebration/Staff Dance
  • Team Award Events
  • Houlihan’s after school - Social Committee will provide appetizers! And, after Houlihans, for those of you who would like, join us at Tammy Hake’s home. Tammy has graciously offered to open her Morse Lake home to us! Her address is: 1360 Lighthouse Pt Cicero In 46034

Friday, May 27-

  • All grades entered
  • Checklist items complete from office and media center
  • NWEA Student Progress reports emailed to all students
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FCI Miscellaneous notes

Recess Ball Cage combination: 31232