Arpan Patel

EC Activities

Hebron Red Cross

Founded on 12/10. This club has been in my list of things to do since 9th grade, and now it has become a reality. With the help of my friends and a teacher sponsor, Mr. Hawkings, I was able to create the club at Hebron. For the first year, I will be Vice President. My role is to identify volunteer opportunities and keep contact with associate at Red Cross.
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Hebron Varsity Tennis/CMZs

I volunteer at tennis camps to teach middle school kids the aspects of tennis. Also, as a Champ in USTA, I play monthly tournaments around the city.

Summer Activities

2013 - UTD Debate Camp

2015 - UT Austin Summer Camp. Engineering a quad-copter for flight. Received high school class credits for engineering design.

World Travels

2014 - Switzerland and Italy

2/6 ZAT Tournament - 2nd Place