Of Mice and Men

By: John Steinbeck

Novel Summary

Of Mice and Men is a novel about George and Lennie, who obtain a dream of having their own farm one day. Lennie is mentally disabled, but a physically strong man who travels with George, his best and maybe only friend, who cares about him. Until they have the money to buy their own land, they work on a little farm, with Curley, as the son of the boss. Curly maybe has a problem and doesn´t like Lennie. He is very aggressive, and so he attacks Lennie once. After George tells Lennie to defend himself, he crashes Curleys hand. George is small and weak. He doesn´t present to give too much of him, but he easily sees coming problems. His primary purpose is helping Lennie and look for a job. Lennie is very fascinated by soft things, but he can´t controll his strengt, so he kills some mice, the puppy, and in the end Curley wife. Curley wife is very lonely and wants to chat with everybody. Lennie isn´t allowed to talk to her, but he doesn´t allways obey Georges instructions, and so he isn´t able to avoid any problems any more. He can´t cope with the feelings of the others, and also doesn´t see the consequenses of his actions. So he kills Curleys´ wife and flees to the place agreed on and hides himself. When the murder comes out, Curley wants revenge and rides out to find him. George knows that his friend gets tortued when he will be found, and so he runs to the hidden place and kills him with a pistol, while he is telling him about their dream, which he looses now. After Lennie is dead, Geroge has lost his physical protection and he will maybe end up like all the other ranch hands.

Theme Analysis - Friendship

Of Mice and Men is a story about the friendship of two men, and their daily struggles to survive, they only have each other. Without George Lennie wouldn't survive, their family to each other, they love each other.

Main Charaters