Ms. Turner’s Class

2nd Grade ELAR

March 21-25, 2022

Welcome Back!! Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. This is it! Our 4th and final 9 weeks. Lets make this one the best one yet. We will be doing fun and new things to expand our knowledge. Lets go!

Important Dates to Know

March 22nd - Spring Pictures

March 23rd - Report Cards will be posted

March 25th - Friday Assembly

Announcements & Reminders

  • Please send a water bottle to school with your student.

What We Are Doing This Week


We will be reading the story "Don't Touch Me". This is an informational text (text that is nonfiction). It gives facts about a topic. As we read we will look for: captions with photos, details and facts about a topic, and how visuals and words help you understand the text.


Lesson 81 - The Rule v'/cv

Lesson 82 - Suffixes - ful, -ness

Lesson 83 - Final, Stable Syllable - tion

Lesson 84 - Sight Words, Part 6

Spelling Test 16


Students will be working on writing 5 complete sentences (First word starts with a capital letter, subject and predicate agree, and correct ending punctuation) over a topic they are given.

Cursive: Capital Letters A; O; D

Grammar: prefixes (er and est)

Teacher Information

My conference time is from 10:00-10:50. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.