Medical Researcher

Cora Spychalla, 3rd Hour

Career Overview

Medical researchers use scientific methods to research diseases looking for treatments and cures. They try to learn how diseased cells are produced. They watch the way the body reacts to viruses. They study the chemical changes that make a cell cancerous or that cause diseases.
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What you need to do to succeed

Good classes to take in high school are...

anatomy and physiology



As far as college, I would need a doctorate degree.

Estimated Education Costs

Tuition per year- $10,399

Total years- $83,192

Estimated Housing- $70,432

Estimated Food/Grocery- $3,000

Estimated Gas- $300

Estimated Clothing- $1,600

Grand Total- $158,524

Extra Money

I think I will probably apply for loans or financial aid. I know I will definately try to get a scholarship since eight years of college is a lot. I will also get a part time job to help pay for the costs.


The American Society for Microbiology and The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Studies.


1. Conduct research to find causes of diseases

2. Earn $60,200 a year

3. Get to work in a lab


1. Eight years of college

2. More cellular based than anatomy based research

Commercial Script

Sick of working in boring offices? With the piles and piles of paper work stacking up by the minute?


become a medical researcher! Where you will have hands on learning with cells to try and find the cure to diseases or their source. Although you may need eight years of college, it will pay off when you get paid about $60,000 a year! There are many places you can get a medical degree, like UW- Madison. See y'all in the lab!