Jean Michael Navarro

Environmental Study Project


The Natural Hazards Unit administers the state's all-hazards planning programs. The goal of the unit is to ensure that the State Emergency Response Team is prepared for prompt, efficient response and recovery to protect lives and property affected by disasters. Several planning programs are housed here: Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning, Continuity of Operations, the Hurricane Program, and Catastrophic Planning. In addition, the unit lends support to other agencies and jurisdictions, as well as NGOs and private sector partners, in their respective emergency management planning.


People first reached Florida at least 12,000 years ago. The rich variety of environments in prehistoric Florida supported a large number of plants and animals. The animal population included most mammals that we know today. In addition, many other large mammals that are now extinct (such as the saber-tooth tiger, mastodon, giant armadillo, and camel) roamed the land. In 1856 Orlando became the county seat of Orange County, Florida. The “Town of Orlando” was incorporated on July 31, 1875 with an area of 4 square miles. Orlando incorporated as a city in 1885.


Nearly 1,000 people move to Florida each and every day. The migration comes from all over the United States from the north east, mid west, and the west coast. Many new Floridians are retirees and many are young working age families.


The Panther has been protected from legal hunting in Florida since 1958. It has been on the federal endangered species list since 1967 and on the state's endangered list since 1973. The future of this large animal depends entirely on the management decisions that are made today on its behalf. The Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission is responsible for management and preservation of this endangered State Animal, but only with your support will the Florida Panther remain a part of our unique wildlife community.


Puerto Rican culture is somewhat complex, - others will call it colorful. Culture is a series of visual manifestations and interactions with the environment that make a region and/or a group of people different from the rest of the world. Puerto Rico, without a doubt has several unique characteristics that distinguish our culture from any other.


I picked these places because i go to liberty middle school. Then i pick the places i like to go to which is downtown disney, funspot, fashion square mall.