Digipak Magazine Advert


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Bethany's Digipak Magazine Advert Mock-Up

Above is Bethany's digipak magazine mock-up, which is annotated to establish where the conventional features of an advert would go, such as the artist's website conventionally placed at the bottom. Bethany used an existing advert for the band 'Bowling For Soup' as her inspiration; this advert can be seen below.
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Matthew's Digipak Magazine Advert Mock-up

Above is the digipak magazine advert mock-up created by Matthew.

Matthew decided to use a Blink-182 existing digipak magazine advert as inspiration because the band is in the pop-punk genre category like Patent Pending. Some conventional features Matthew has included in his digipak magazine advert mock-up are having important information (the band name, album title, date of release etc) in capitalised font, to make them stand out as they are important. Also, Matthew has designed his digipak magazine advert mock-up in a similar way to Blink-182's digipak magazine advert; he has placed a large picture at the top and placed important information below. Furthermore, Matthew has also placed record label logos and the band's website address at the bottom of the advert.

My Own Digipak Magazine Advert Mock-up

Above is two pictures of the digipak magazine advert mock-up's I created. After researching digipak magazine adverts' I found two existing ones I particularly like; Lana Del Rey 'Born To Die' and All Time Low 'Nothing Personal' (pictures of these are below) and thus decided to use them both as inspiration for my own digipak magazine advert. I have created two digipak magazine advert mock-up's each based on an existing one.

The digipak magazine advert mock-up on the left above is based on the Lana Del Rey existing digipak magazine advert because it has a similar layout of the artist name being at the top, then a large picture and then more information centred below the picture. This simplistic layout creates an eye catching advert, as seen through Lana Del Ray's advert, in which you are drawn to the picture and large writing.

The second digipak magazine advert mock-up on the right above is based on All Time Low's advert because there are more visual elements, such as the rocket and various logos', which is similar to the many visual elements in All Time Low's advert, such as the band and various album covers.