Haiti Needs Help

Help us, help Haiti

Help the JLS Water Project For Haiti

Population of 10,461,409

Three statistics about Haiti

-Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

-Over half of the deaths in Haiti are caused by waterborne illnesses.

-78% of the people in Haiti do NOT have direct access to water.

The Problems

In 2010, an earthquake hit Haiti. This wasn't any ordinary earthquake. It was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Water conditions were already bad, but this made them worse. Haiti needs your help. Only 22% of Haitians have direct access to water, and very little of that 22% have access to clean water. The other 78% use garbage filled rivers, lakes, etc. for water sources. These people bathe, cook, clean, and do other things in this water. It is just terribly disgusting. The government is very poor so it is hard for them to help themselves. The water is also contaminated, which means poisonous or pollution is in the water. The main problems for the lack of water in Haiti is contaminated water, money problems, and a recent earthquake.

The Solutions

There are many things we and other countries can do to help. One way we could help Haiti is by sending missionaries and volunteers over to help them. They could do many things like helping build different things for them such as wells and they could take supplies over to Haiti and help pass them out to all of the people. They could take over tools, food, and most importantly, fresh water.

Another way we and other countries could help Haiti as they are in this water crisis is by holding fundraisers to support them. If we did this all around the world we could send a lot of money to Haiti and they could have some money to try to fix this problem that they have.

The third way we could possible help Haiti is by all of the top scientist and important people/groups coming together and thinking of ways to help Haiti through this and ways to try to fix this water crisis.

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