Ms. Teresa's Class

Fall Newsletter 2014

Hello Parents!

We have been enjoying school so much that I can't believe October is almost here! It's been a joy working with this group of children. Seeing how each personality in each child develops is so special and unique. It has really been wonderful.

Fun in September

We have been learning about astronauts going up into the universe in their rockets. We learned they wear a space suit to be able to breathe since there is no air on the moon. We all enjoyed counting backwards... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off!!!! Up we go to explore space. We talked about the sun, planets in the solar system and the moon buggy they use to drive on the moon. We are all having fun during music time, playing instruments, singing new songs and learning new movements. We have also had a blast learning how to ballet dance with Ms. Jessika.

Daily Activities

With my part-time assistant, Ms. Lettie, our class has been learning so much. In our classroom we have been learning:

  • where we hang up our bags
  • how to roll our rugs to make them happy
  • what to wear when we work with water (apron)
  • how to hang up our aprons
  • how to recognize our names with name cards
  • how to walk in the classroom and use our indoor voices
  • how to treat our friends
  • proper table manners for snack and lunch

WOW! That is a lot to remember, but they are doing a GREAT job with all of this plus more!

Working Inside and Out

In the morning, half the group goes outside in the garden area. There we do activities such as sifting flour, dino dig, washing a dino, whisking bubbles, puzzle work, play dough, watering the plants, raking, sidewalk sweeping or just watching the birds and squirrels outside. The other half stays inside for special lessons and more 1-on -1 attention. Everyone has a chance to do both.

Good Times In Ms. Teresa's Class

Thank you for the special snacks each child has brought to school. It is such a treat for them to pass out the plates and everyone tells them "thank you."

Our room mom will be in touch on upcoming holiday volunteer opportunities to help make this time a wonderful experience for your child. We have a shutterfly account set up where we are posting pictures and class news. If you have not received and e-mail inviting you to join this site, please contact Stacy at

Please call or text me any time if you have any questions, comments or concerns (817) 845-7145.

Thank you!

Ms. Teresa