The Pilates Studio of Reno

For the time being we are Hooking our Loops

Covid-19 and Pilates

With a heavy heart we will comply with this mandate to do our part to help keep everyone safe, happy and healthy.

For the short term, we are temporarily halting all classes. We will keep you updated and will be opening our doors again as soon as possible. Let us all set our intentions and prayers towards everyone staying safe and this all blowing over quickly.

This was a very tough decision for me.

We were hoping to stay open as long as we could but it now seems the best thing we can do to keep our community healthy is to temporarily shut our doors.

We appreciate your business and being part of The Pilates Studio of Reno, (some of you for over 15 years now).

We have grown so much and it is all because of YOU.

If you are able to be patient with me at this time that would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Some of you have prepaid packages that I intend to honor and I'm trying to think of creative ways to make this work for you and The Studio. With little to no money coming in it will be a challenge but I have faith we will overcome this crisis and continue to operate as we did before. Some of the autopay memberships will continue to be billed as a generous gesture of support.

If you want to support in any way and have any ideas of how you would do that I would love to hear you out. (maybe donate some of your classes, shortening the expiration date on your current ones, buying a gift card or buying a new package that can be use and attached to your current one that with be of great help).

This doesn’t need to be immediate but as soon as they give us the green light to reopen or when and if you are able.

I am also aware that some of you will be experiencing hardship as well and need to be supportive to your own family members, businesses and friends.

You can email me at

If you do not get a response from me in 48 hours, PLEASE email me again or reach out to me through my pilates Facebook or Instagram page to make sure that your email was deliver to me.

THANK YOU ALL for being a part of the Pilates Studio family and supporting us as we strive to support all of you along this wild journey we call life!

We can not wait to open our doors again and have all your smiling faces and heavy breathing back at the Studio. Stay strong, safe, calm and as healthy as possible!

Don’t forget to breath and scoop.

PS Let me know if you would like me to make some videos of ways to work on your core at home. Maybe 15 minutes of abs and butt workouts? ;)

Looks like Mindbody is working on creating a platform to stream videos very very soon. I might use YouTube, Zoom or even the website page.