Mesopotamian Transportation

Let's find out out they transport! By: Jakob Davis

The Wheel

The Mesopotamians made "The wheel". "The wheel" actually wasn't used for transportation. They used "The wheel" for a lot of goods. One of the biggest inventions they used for the wheel was the plow.

Mesopotamian Farming

The Mesopotamians also made the plow. The plow helped them farm. All the farmers plowed with cows so they could pull the big plow. The plow was made in 1300 B.C.E. There was also a newer plow that used the wheel.


Past to Future

The past had the wheel first but now it's even better. We can drive in real cars with the wheel. Actually the wheels now are used for jobs and machines that people use. The wheel is an important material for work now days. Without the invention of the wheel there would be no jobs and certain things we wouldn't have.

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When and How "The Wheel" was made

The wheel was made in 3500 B.C. It was a great invention at first but people didn't really now what it was built for. Also 300 years earlier it was used for chariots but not then. Soon the Mesopotamian people found out the wheel wasn't used for nature.
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Transportation for water

Mesopotamians had to walk to water. They didn't have transportation. They had either ride a donkey or mule or just walk, but then in 3500 B.C "The Wheel" was made. The bad thing is it wasn't used for transportation.

Transportation for Mesopotamians



Gulf Boat



River boat



Newer transportation

Mesopotamians used chariots once the wheel was made. The kids a soldiers and high people in command actually only rode in it. Most of the Mesopotamians really wanted "The Wheel" of transportation instead of just work.