Yield The End Of The Year

Everythigng I have felt is right here, embrace it!

In the beginning there was this

Final draft: End the Bullying Now!!

By. Rhianna Lightle

Webber 3rd


We’ve all heard of bullying and more than likely we all know it’s wrong. Yet some of us don’t realize what it actually is and are too afraid to stop it for fear of being teased ourselves. Our school is doing an okay job of stopping it but they aren’t doing enough. The school has rules on cyber-bullying and other forms of this but don’t enforce it until it is too late. They don’t discipline students unless it gets too far and it becomes violent. I know this for a fact because I’ve witnessed it and to my dismay didn’t speak up. It was about a month ago during commons time. A seventh grader was laying on the grass reading,when a group of eighth graders came and harassed the boy by laughing and crouching by him to see if he was awake. Finally one girl came up and tapped the boy for no apparent reason. The boy stirred only to see others (some I know) taunting him for no reason at all.Now even though I know I should have spoke up I didn’t. The school should do a better job of letting students express their feelings without feeling ashamed. The buddy bully box isn’t very known or respected because students don’t want to be seen putting anything in there. In order to maintain a safe learning enviroment the faculty should allow a different more effective opportunity for students to be heard and express their feelings on this subject. In 2010 it was reported that 1 in 7 students grades k-12 were bullied and an estimated 15% of students absenteeism was because of bullying. Sources:makebeatsnotbeatdowns.org, olweus.orgg. These statistics are growing as we speak and need to be stopped.These numbers could be decreased if there was a more effective way to allow students to speak up against bullying. Another reason bullying is so common and continues to continue is the bully and victim both don’t receive closure or help beyond discipline.The schools faculty needs to come up with a program to help those being bullied and those who are bullying. According to http://www.livescience.com/11163-bullies-bullying.html people who bully have a negative view about themselves. In a recent study most people who bully live in a household without two biological parents and or have been offered alcoholic beverages under age. Bullying is a cry out for help and those students should be helped. However, there is no excuse for their behavior so they should be punished with a minimum of detention and a maximum of expulsion from the school district as well as a written and verbal apology to the student they have bullied. Both students should be offered counseling and help from teachers and staff.This is very important for both the bully and bullied to be able to deal with what happened and be able to move forward from the issue. Bullying is a serious and growing issue that needs to be handled firmly. Because of these reasons and more I plead to you Mrs.Murry and Mrs. Lane and Mrs.Canard to please consider enforcing bullying on a more serious level by offering help for students and a better way to communicate with students about bullying. It could make the difference in the happiness and well being of a child’s life.
He's A Bully (Phineas And Ferb)

Bully mania!

Wouldn't be nice if Phineas and Ferb had the worste case of bullying. Sadly that isn't the case so in the first quarter I wrote about how we could enforce to end bullying, tose were just baby steps to figuring out what my writing could become.


We cling to this thing called life.

Fight for it scream for it

Until we can do no more

The bird was given wings in hope to escape the cat

But in those final moments nature isn’t in the birds favor

We all walk around full of life

Skipping in shells that would be empty if not for our souls

If not for our love if not for our joy

if not for our emotions life would be meaningless

Yet we cling to our shells with all our might

We are dying every day

every night might be our last

YET we are unaware of this

we continue walking in our shells

while nature chips at us one by one

sometimes the cat gets us before we have a chance to fly

before we have a chance to fill these empty shells

life is a flip of a coin

It may land in your favor but there is always a chance it will not

Nature can break your fragile shell

leaving you with nothing but your soul and emotions floating in the air

until another can feel it in the air

for it is the memories that keep us alive not our fragile shells.

Why I wrote shells

I wrote this poem after the Newtown shooting. I talked about life and memories in hopes of some consultation for what had happened. In some ways my ideas and feelings were all left on the blank word document.
In The Arms Of an Angel - Sarah McLaughlin

Three times the charm

Brittle earth underneath my blackened feet

The sounds of guns shooting off in a row

baby cries reach the skies as I pray to the heavens above

one two three four

i scale the cave wall floor

five six seven eight

I grab the gun and run in haste

nine ten eleven twelve

the gun goes off and all is well

thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen

all is silent

a sound erupts from the cave

a sound so erie it can not be faked

the sound of death

seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty

She emerges covered in blood and with a grim face

this poem might be one that could be associated with the end of the pearl. Towards the very end.

Another pearl piece I wrote!

I watch him walk away into the darkness and an eerie feeling of fear surrounds me. I wouldn’t leave him no matter how hard he begged. I acted strong and willing when in reality my knees shook every step we took farther. I didn’t know what was going to happen or if we would ever go back but I knew when we were wed what choice I was going to make and that choice was to stay with him. Coyoiteto begins to cry,I start to bounce him softly while quietly whispering for him to be quiet. He is only an infant though and is unaware of the danger we face so he starts up again. It’s probably only a tiny whimper but in the echo of the cold black cave he sounds like a wailing cat. I hear a disturbance break out on the other side of the cave and I know he is at the camp. I clutch coyoteito tightly against my chest. Thats when I hear gunshots. They echo so loudly in the cave that I swear it could have hit me. I look down at coyoiteto even though it’s pitch black to see if he is alright. But he doesn’t move not even the slightest stir. Thats when I feel it. It runs down my chest like a warm sticky river. I fall to the ground still clutching him in my arms. I begin to feel for a heartbeat but when see part of his beautiful skull is missing I lose it. There is no hope, no cure, my baby. And my husband could be responsible. I begin to stand with tears streaming down my face I wrap him in my shaw and walk out to be greeted by a solemn Kino for he knows what had just happened. The sound of death is too loud to be overcome. It rings throughout my ears even though it is dead silent.


To wrap things up we did a research project on any greek god or goddes of our choice. We decided on where our god should go to college and filled out applications. I chose hermes he is a messenger god who loves to fly so I sent him to aviation school. After this we had to decide if college was the right choice for us and I said it was for me. Now we are getting ready for exams and ending this winderful year.
I may not know where I am going in the future but I know I will always have my past. These pieces are a good look at what I was able to accomplish this year and the change that 8th grade had on me. When I am old I may not be able to remember much about this year, but when I read those pieces I will remember Mr.Webber's english class and all that I learned in it.