what are the different layers and types of clouds

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High Clouds

  • 6 km and upward/ is also when temp is freezing
  • small amount of water vapor and low temp
  • thin white and composed of ice

Middle Clouds

  • 2 to 6 km
    • composed of water to not hit freezing
    • Altocumulus- settled weather
    • Altostratus- brings changing weather

Low Clouds

  • appear as general over cast
  • often wide spread
  • are associated with somber skies and dizzy rain
  • stratus, stratocumulus, stratonimbus- rain clouds

Vertical Clouds

  • low bases but reaches of 15 km
  • indicate very active vertical movement in the air
  • Cumulus, cumulonimbus- storm clouds


  • cloud usually stratus the forms on the ground
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