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November 2015

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We appreciate you taking the time to read CHS IB Insights. We will publish a new edition every month on the 18th of the month. This newsletter is thoughtfully put together by CHS IB Diploma Candidate Mark Mendez Muñoz. We want you to stay in the loop with all of the great things that our former, current and future IB students and faculty are doing! (Wondering why the 18th is our publication date?? Our CHS IB students have designated the 18th of every month as IB Day ... a day to 'dress to impress' on campus and promote the IB program. "18" is kind of like "IB"... get it?!?!)

Featured IB Wolves

IB Alumni

Meet Ramya Ramesh, IB Diploma graduate Class of 2014

1. What year did you graduate from CHS and what was your involvement with the IB program? I graduated from Chandler High School in 2014 and I was active member in the IB program my junior and senior year. I graduated with an IB Diploma.

2. Where did you go to study after leaving Chandler High? What degree are you working on currently? I am currently a sophomore at the University of Arizona pursuing degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Spanish.

3. How do you think your IB coursework has helped you in college? The IB coursework I went through in high school gave me perspective into the workload I have in college and it has helped me with time management skills. In addition to the coursework, completing CAS hours and my CAS project has helped me find a balance between my homework and extracurricular activities.

4. Why did you choose to participate in IB at CHS? What can you say to future students about the value of the program? I chose to participate in the IB program at Chandler High School because it was a manner in which I was able to challenge myself with my schoolwork and set my self apart from the typical AP student. The IB community at Chandler High was very tightknit and I made many friends along the way.

5. What are some special activities that you have participated in during college? At the University of Arizona, I am currently a part of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-health honorary club. Since joining this group, I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with many different health professionals. This club has also provided me with the opportunity to help out in the community. I have participated in activities such as cooking dinner at the Ronald McDonald house and meeting with the families and patients living there.

6. What are your career goals? What are you doing now to work towards those goals? My goal is to attend medical school, and my career goal is to become and anesthesiologist. I am currently in the process of applying to the FlexMed program at Icahn School of Medicine, an early acceptance program in which sophomores pursuing their undergraduate degree can apply to medical school.

7. What do you do to stay motivated and work hard? I am the type of person who tries to get all of their homework done far in advance so that I’m not rushing to finish assignments the night before while I’m studying for exams as well. I stay motivated by rewarding myself with small breaks every time I finish an assignment.

IB Senior Diploma Candidate

Meet Gwendolyn Bishop, CHS Class of 2016, Diploma Candidate.

In my interview with Gwen I asked her a series of questions involving the IB program. Gwen told me that she joined the diploma program to further her academic progress. I asked her what the most difficult aspect about the IB Diploma program. She replied, "Learning to manage my time well and minimize procrastination is one of the hardest parts. I have also faced some challenges with group work, however IB has really developed my collaboration skills." Gwen is also a member of NHS, Spanish Honors Society and has chosen to run the Relay for Life campaign this year for her CAS project. She is the president of the CHS IB Club.

IB MYP Freshman

Hailey is a freshman at Chandler High in the IB MYP program. In my interview with Hailey I asked her why she wanted to be a part of the MYP community. She responded, “I like being a part of the MYP program because it is such a great learning experience and it is also helping me to get prepared for the IB program in my junior and senior years.” I also asked Hailey how the MYP would help her in school, “The MYP program helps with my school work by giving me tools to organize my time such as ManageBac.” Hailey is also a member of Chandler High’s Treblemakers.

Featured Class: IB Mathematics

At Chandler High School we offer five different IB courses in the math department: IB Calculus AB, IB Calculus BC, IB Statistics, IB Higher Level Mathematics and IB Math Studies. Currently all of the IB math students are putting together an internal assessment project that puts math into practice, based on something that connects with their own lives. This is a piece of written work that involves investigating an area of mathematics. The students get feedback from their IB math teacher along the way and do a final presentation during 3rd quarter. Some of the topics for this year's projects are Health Disparities - The relationship between socioeconomic status and health of individuals, Game Theory, Stock Market changes and marketing strategies of companies.

Meet a CHS IB Teacher

This month we would like to introduce you to Mrs. Tammy Hove. Mrs. Hove is an English teacher who teaches Honors English 10 and AP/IB as well as being a dual-enrollment teacher. Here is an interview with Mrs. Hove:

Where did you receive your education? She attended Marcos de Niza High school. She attended ASU to receive her first master’s degree in secondary education and later received a secondary master’s from NAU in leadership

What is your educational philosophy? Her educational philosophy is to do everything in her power to make sure my students are prepared with the appropriate skills from this course that allow each and every one of her students to be successful writers and readers.

IB Career-Related Program News

The new IB Career Related Program at Chandler High School was featured during a CHS football game that was televised on Cox7. Click on the video below and move forward to 1:32:20 to see the video!

How are our IB students involved in the community?

Twelve CHS students, many of the IB students, have been volunteering this quarter with a program called S.M.A.R.T. (Strategic Memory and Alzheimer's Rehabilitation Training). These volunteers were trained in a cognitive intervention program designed to keep older adults mentally fit. The program included 6 modules that exercise different parts of the brain. By doing these exercises, older adults may improve their quality of life while living with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. Each student was paired with an older adult, and they met two times per week for six weeks to complete to prescribed activities.

CHS IB Diploma candidate Alexia Morales was a volunteer. When asked her why she wanted to get involved and she replied, "I wanted to make sure I made a difference as well gain meaningful service hours”. This was an amazing way for our students to participate in a multi-generation activity and have a personal impact on someone's life.

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Volunteer Opportunities

All IB students are seeking ways to get involved in the community. We use an online program called ManageBac to track service activities in grades 9-12. The most important piece of tracking hours is the reflection piece. Students need to reflect on what they learned from the activity, what impact they had, what impact the activity had on them, etc. This reflection step is what really helps make the service activity a learning experience.

Here are some upcoming volunteer opportunities in the community:

Letters to Troops

IB MYP Student Morgan Carlin is organizing a day to write letters to our troops overseas. We will be meeting in the Media Center Classroom during Lunches A and B on Thursday, November 19. Please join us! We'd like to have a large stack of letters to be sent as part of a campaign organized by KMLE 107.9 FM.

Help with food drive

Chandler Christian Community Center needs volunteers on Saturday, November 21 and Monday, December 21 for their holiday food drive. Contact Jessica at 480-963-1423,ext #102

Boys and Girls Club Thanksgiving Dinner

The Boys and Girls Club annual Thanksgiving Dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, 25th of November from 5:30pm-8:00pm. They need volunteers to help make this year’s dinner service go as smooth as possible. Please click here to be taken to the volunteer sign up for this year’s dinner and select a time and area you can help with. If there is not something listed that you would want to assist with please email Patrick De Leon at .

Robotics Competition

Willis Junior High is hosting its first full VEX Qualifying tournament this coming December. Teams that participate in this tournament have the opportunity to qualify for the state championship tournament in March. They are in need of volunteers to help run the event.
What: Willis Junior High Nothing But Net Qualifier
When: Friday December 4th 2015 (setup from 10am-2pm), Saturday December 5th 2015 (tournament 7am-5pm)
Where: Willis Junior High School 401 South McQueen Road Chandler, AZ 85225

If you are available and would like to volunteer complete the form.

Here is a link to descriptions of the roles they are asking volunteers to perform.

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Prichard at or Louann Sedgwick at

IB Parent Booster Group Updates

CHS is fortunate to have a group of very dedicated IB parents! They work hard to support our IB students and teachers.

How do the boosters fundraise?

**NEW EVENT** ACT/SAT Practice Test

For students who are considering whether to take the SAT or the ACT, Kaplan has designed a unique combined sample test. (Taking both complete tests would take more than 7 hours.) Kaplan's combined sample test provides practice questions from each section of both tests, and will give students a taste of what to expect whether they decide to take the SAT, ACT, or both.

The sample test is followed by answers, explanations, and a guide on how to score your answers to calculate a percentage on each section. The calculated scores are designed give you a general indication of your potential performance on each test, which may help you in your consideration of which test may be better suited to your strengths.

When is the practice test? Saturday, January 9 8:00am-noon

Where is the practice test? CHS

What is the cost? $10 per student

How do I sign up? Sign up and PAY (cash and checks only) in the CHS Courtyard during lunch all week the week of December 7.

Continuing events:

- Weekly donut sales in the courtyard: every Wednesday before 1st hour

-"No Fundraiser Fundraiser": Help support their cause by donating to the booster group

-Test prep book sales: Do you have a test prep book that you're done with? Donate it to the IB Booster group! At every Booster meeting they offer the books for $5 each. What a bargain! Drop off books to Mrs. Bender's office.

IB Parent Boosters meet quarterly at 7:00pm in the CHS Media Center.

Next meeting: Tuesday, January 12

Representatives from "The Gilded Pen" will be there to talk about how to support students in writing essays for college admission and for scholarships.