Is food to die for?

Did you know?

Four out of ten individuals have either personally experienced an eating disorder or know someone who has.

Signs and symptoms

  • Anorexia nervous is a mental illness that can drastically affect one’s physical health
  • has an intense fear of gaining weight. Someone with anorexia thinks about food a lot and limits the food she or he eats, even though she or he is too thin.
  • They consume the individual in obsessive, negative thinking and behaviors and they consume the individual relationships with family members, loved ones, and life.
  • But when a preoccupation with being thin takes over your eating habits, thoughts, and life, it's a sign of an eating disorder. When you have anorexia, the desire to lose weight becomes more important than anything else.

People with it

Demi Lovato is probably the most open celeberty there is. She frequently shares wisdom, as well as true tales, of her struggles with her inner demons, which ranged from self-harm to bi-polar disorder to anorexia. And thanks to her, she and her beloved love are able to stay strong.