Team Dream

Blessing others by daring to share | January 2016

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What is Team Dream?

Team Dream is a group for those in Natalie Mauer's dōTERRA organization. Our hope for the Team Dream facebook page and e-newsletter is to support everyone who is interested in becoming more comfortable sharing dōTERRA with others, celebrating with one another, and just helping knit us closer together.

On the Team Dream facebook page, you'll find

  • Information about our monthly sharing incentive gift. This month, we are giving away an Immortelle essential oil blend. Everyone who shares dōTERRA with someone this month resulting in a new wholesale enrollment will be entered for a chance to win. One entry for each person you enroll without limit. Happy sharing!

  • Information about periodic giveaways designed to help us all learn to become more comfortable sharing, or giving the gift to others.

  • Several posts a week connecting you with resources to help you become more comfortable sharing dōTERRA.

We hope you find this newsletter encouraging and a tool that provides resources. Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you feel may benefit from it.

If you would like us to add you to our secret Team Dream facebook group, please just send a private facebook message to Natalie Cox Mauer.

Sharing with a class

I love this brief video in which Brianna encourages any of us who are interested in sharing with others. Hosting a class can be simple. Often we know more about essential oils than anyone we may invite - even if we are brand new. Remember when you want to share with others, you are offering them a gift.

doTERRA Sharing Brochure

Access an electronic copy of the doTERRA Sharing Brochure using this link:

Natalie Mauer

Natalie's 6-year career sharing the dōTERRA story fulfills her need to help and empower others to address their health concerns at home in a safe, natural, and effective way. Natalie travels nationally to educate others about the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils.

Natalie has pursued complimentary healthcare options since becoming a mom nearly 15 years ago. Essential oils have empowered her as a mom, and have essentially eliminated all but well-care visits for their family for nearly 6 years now. In fact, even though he was enrolled in childcare full time for 5 years, her 7-year old son Eric has never been on a prescription medication (It's true, not even 1 antibiotic!)

Natalie believes in the power of intention. More than 2 years ago she left a 26+ year career in financial services after writing her story to include what she wants in her life. Her new story includes engaged time with her children and husband Steve, as well as intentional time exercising, meditating, leading others, and a focus on personal development and practicing gratitude.

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