This Is Sparta!!!

watch out neighbors, were coming!!!!

Sparta was an Oligarchy

Sparta's government was an Oligarchy. This means there were only 2 Kings, 5 Ephors, the Council of elders, and an Assembly. The Kings ruled, the Ephors were tax collecters, and the council of elders and the assembly worked together to pass laws. The assembly was made up of all the 30 year old men in Sparta. Being an Oligarchy, Sparta farmers, traders, and crafters usually had less money than the higher Kings, Ephors, etc.

Sparta had a very strong military

Sparta's military was so strong because boys were sent to the barracks at age seven to start their training. At age 18, boys could go out and fight in wars. It was not until you were 60 years old that you could retire from the Spartan military. Though boys with illnesses could not join the military.

Womens roles in society

Spartan women were more free in Sparta because there were usually no men around. Women could manage their property, walk through the town and trade with a local trader if they need or want something.