Cañada College Library Newsletter

Going to the Dogs Edition

Therapy Dogs for Finals!

Volunteer therapy dogs will be coming back to the Library during finals week! These certified therapy dogs and their owners are part of the Peninsula Human Society & SPCA Pet Assisted Therapy program; they visit schools, libraries, healthcare facilities, rehab centers, and more helping people de-stress and feel better.

Come to the Library to say hi!
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Extended Hours

Finally, at long last, your library dreams have come true!

Cañada Library will be open extra late for finals week, from 8am to 11pm Monday through Thursday (May 23-26), so feel free to have that extra latte.

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Yes, thanks to MLA’s new and shockingly commonsensical 8th edition, students won’t need to scroll, red-eyed and feverish, mind-numbed, caffeine charged at 3 AM, up and down a psychotically long list of sources in search of the one that applies to their specific reference. Is the thing they’re citing a page on a website, an article in a web magazine, or a blog posting? If they’re using a YouTube video of a full episode of a TV show they found on a BlogSpot page, will their professor take the time to see if they cited that correctly? Will they make it to class or should they just burn this place to the ground and walk away instead of finishing their work cited page?

According to now official MLA policy, the answer is, “Who cares?”

MLA’s announcement produced a long sigh of relief. We never believed this day would come. Students still have to create work cited pages, but those pages are no longer out to get them. The tyranny is over. APA and Chicago, the gauntlet has been dropped. We’re looking at you.

Need research on companies, industries, and statistics? Check out the Business Research Guide created by librarian Marie Varelas!
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This Month in Cañada History

The B.S.U. (Black Student Union) put on a fashion show, "The Elegance of Black". Check out their great outfits in the picture below! Photo from the May 16, 1969 student newspaper.
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