Jordan Journal

December 7, 2015

Welcome to our new team members

Please welcome Mrs. Jeneice Stewart in ISS and Mrs. Danielle Davis in the 6th grade office. Please take a moment to stop by and introduce yourself! Welcome to our team!

Team & Curriculum Collaboration

Teams are expected to meet at least twice weekly, Tuesdays or Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays or Wednesdays are our scheduled collaboration days for curriculum areas. We have Thursdays for our grade level teams to meet and conduct "business" meetings such as reviewing the weekly calendar, upcoming deadlines, kid talks, etc.

Fine Arts Showcase & Potluck

Enjoy good food and great music? Then, Tuesday's Fine Arts Showcase and Potluck Dinner is for you! Begin with a concert at 6:00 PM followed by great food and fellowship. The concert will be held in the gym followed by the potluck dinner in the cafe. Please see Mrs. Morris for details. Thanks!

Supporting our Families

Our counselors will be providing additional information, but we would like to sponsor a winter break meal box for a few of our students and their families. Each team would sponsor a family and provide items such as cake mix, pancake mix, canned goods, pasta, etc. The team will decorate the box for the student. Each team will complete their box by Monday, December 14th. The families will pick up their boxes Wednesday prior to break.

December Final Exams

Thank you for helping us shorten our testing window to four (4) days! Mr. Keag has posted the testing schedule on the training page. Please refer to this schedule for your testing window and location. We will work to complete the assessments online. Language arts and math will have a "part B" to complete with scoring and data input into schoolnets.

Your grades are due by 10:00 AM on your professional learning day, January 5, 2016. This will allow you time to enter all your grades from schoolnets.

Professional Learning in December

We were scheduled to have a session on "noticings" from our Better Learning book on December 8th and a data analysis on December 15th. We are going to have our data analysis during our January professional learning day. We will delay our book study topic until January. Please take this time in December to review your students' progress and their journey toward mastery in your content. Develop an instructional plan to move your students to mastery through small group instruction and guided practice.

A discussion post has been provided on the JMS Training Page. Everyone is expected to review the data chart, write a response, read other responses, and respond to at least two posts. This is a great way to collaborate with your peers and identify effective strategies to increase student achievement. Posts are due by Monday, December 7th.

Yearbook on Sale $35

Yearbook sales have begun! Students can pick up forms in the media center.

Bus Parade & After School Activities

All students must walk with you through bus parade. Students who have practice or meetings after school re-enter the building in the front foyer. The sponsors for afternoon rehearsals are participating in bus parade and cannot properly supervise students who are reporting to areas unsupervised. Please keep all students with you until you re-enter the building. Teachers can wait in the foyer for student clubs/activities. Then, they can walk to the meeting area as a group, thus providing proper supervision.

Black Knight Basketball Tshirts

$15 per T-Shirt! See Coach Winters, Coach Diaz, or Coach Brown. Order your TShirt today! All Jordan Team members who order a Basketball T-Shirt can wear jeans on game day with their Basketball T-Shirts!

Report Cards & Awards

Mr. Keag will meet with each team during their regularly scheduled Thursday meetings on December 10, 2015 to provide information. Report cards go home on Monday, January 11th.

Winter Celebrations

Our team celebration will be held on Friday, December 18th. The celebrations are limited to 30 minutes. We recommend holding your celebration in the cafe, especially if you will have snacks/drinks. If you hold your celebration in the classroom, please remember we cannot have any drinks such as fruit punch, red sports drinks, etc. You will also need to plan accordingly for trash removal. We recommend only packaged food items, if you accept donations from students. We do not recommend any homemade baked goods.

If you would like to reserve your table in the cafe for your celebration, please use this link:

Winter Celebration Reservations.

8th Grade Cafe Reservations: 2:00 - 2:45 PM

6th & 7th Grade Cafe Reservations: 3:00 - 3:45 PM


Communique is the district's communication tool to highlight events in schools, the community, and share vital information. This week's communique highlights CGHS and Magic Wheelchair on the In Five segment.

Award Ceremonies in January

Following the issuance of report cards, we will begin the process for verifying and printing our awards: All A's, All A's & B's, Perfect Attendance, Connection Awards, Community, Leadership, Excellence, and the prestigious "Black Knight" award. We need to ensure that student names are spelled correctly and students earning an award receive an award.

Mr. Keag will provide additional information on the training page along with applicable deadlines. We will design an invitation and program for each grade level event. The award ceremonies will be held in the JMS Cafe at 9:30 AM with all students attending and parents invited for students receiving an award.

6th Grade: January 26th

7th Grade: January 27th

8th Grade: January 28th

End of the Semester Celebration 1/8/16

We are working on developing an awesome experience for our students who successfully pass ALL classes with at least a 74% or higher. We will have board games, Wii Michael Jackson Dance Experience, snacks, etc. If you would like to be a part of this celebration, please let Ms. Sheryl Jones know or a member of the leadership team.

Upcoming Dates

12/7/15: Vertical Curriculum & Department Chair Meeting @ 8:00 AM, Hour of Code with Mr. Keag @ 8:00 AM open to all students

12/8/15: Fine Arts Showcase @ 6:00 PM

12/9/15: Social Studies planning with Mike Savage

12/10/15: ELL Team meeting @ 8:15 AM, Social Studies Semester Final (see schedule); Holiday Meal invite parents, Basketball Game vs. Snellville at CGHS begins at 5:00 PM; Parent Workshop about GA Milestones @ 6:00 PM

12/11/15: iTalks with Tim Keag @ 8:15 AM, Science Semester Final

12/12/15: Basketball vs. Sweetwater@ Berkmar begins at 9:00 AM

12/14/15: LA Semester Final

12/15/15: Math Semester Final

12/16/15: Club Photos for Yearbook @ 8:00 AM and Retakes (schedule to be posted)

12/17/15: Special Education Meeting @ 8:15 AM, Vertical Gifted Meeting @ 8:15 AM, Basketball vs. Berkmar @ Berkmar

12/18/15: Vertical Team Meeting @ 8:15 AM, End of Semester 1

12/21/15 - 1/4/16: Winter Break

1/4/16: Building open 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

1/5/16: Professional Learning Day

Let's Celebrate.....

Tayo Odusanya & Samantha Porter, 12/7

Janelle Gardner & Ayan Hassan, 12/10

Jennifer DaSilva, 12/14

Nadreika Morris, 12/25

Kevin Brown, 12/28

Team Recognition Program

Begin thinking about who you would like to recognize in September!

Each month, we will recognize team members who exhibit the pillars of Jordan MS: Community, Leadership, and Excellence! Teams can submit up to three names each month. Please include a brief narrative describing how the team member exemplified community, leadership, or excellence. We will celebrate during our vertical team meetings on Fridays!

Team Recognition Submission