Black Panthers



Did you know that more then half of the black panthers body is muscle? they have lots of interesting body features and have great hunting skills.

Things They Can Do

It helps them run very fast to escape from predators or helps them catch prey. some of the things that they can do is climb tall tall trees it is also helpful to escape from predators or just to take naps. But something that I bet you don’t know is that they take their food into trees so different animals can’t get it. Black Panther’s hunting skills are amazing one of the reasons why is because they can run up to 35 mph! The second reason why is because their sharp teeth and powerful jaws can clamp down on prey. Did you also know that big cats are the best hunters on earth?


What do you think they like? Well I’ll tell you. They love hot sand after chasing prey around for a while they just love to go lay down in the hot sand. they also like to climb trees to lay down and not worry about anything around them.

Fun Facts

If you were wondering what they look like black panthers have strong body’s with bark, black, beautiful fur. They also have razor sharp teeth and talons that help them dig into the flesh of their prey.

They live in the hot sweaty country of Asia. Did you know that black panthers don’t only live in the grass lands of Asia, they also live in the rain forests in Asia. The reason they can live in different places is because they can eat all kinds of different foods like insects such as crickets and grasshoppers. As you can see black panthers look deadly and have great hunting skills but they have a great and calm life with lot’s of fun facts.

I wonder if they will ever repopulate and be nocked of the endangered species list for good!